8 Best Men's Aftershave Balms & Lotions

8 Best Men's Aftershave Balms & Lotions

It doesn’t matter whether you use an electric razor or you prefer a more traditional wet shave, your skin is bound to suffer some irritation every morning. That’s precisely why post-shave treatments were developed. And, they’ve really blown up over the past few years. Gone are the days of slapping some alcohol on your face as an anti-inflammatory and going about your day. Now a days, sensitive skins have plenty of options – as do men that battle with ingrown hairs. 

Some men may prefer a small variety of mens aftershave treatments. This makes perfect sense when your skin is susceptible to fluctuations based on temperature and activity. But, if you’re looking for the perfect all-arounder, make sure you check out the Faveable team’s number one best aftershave. It could just transform your skin – and skin care routine – forever.

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What's in your aftershave?

Both aftershave balm and lotion products are created using any number of ingredients used to calm irritated skin. And, unfortunately, ingredients that you're often told to avoid are often on typically on the ingredient list. Sorry.

Alcohol, which can be drying, though it offers incredible antiseptic benefits, being one of them. You may even find parabens in many mens aftershave products. So just be aware that you need to read the label carefully if you're someone who suffers from skin sensitivities.

Wait! Don't freak out just yet.

Let's talk about those parabens for a moment, as they may not be as bad as their reputation suggests.

Parabens are used as a preservative in many cosmetics, including shaving products. In short, they work to ensure that the formula doesn't become toxic to your skin over time. And, the FDA doesn't see any issue with parabens in cosmetic problems - as long as they don't exceed 25 percent of the composition. For reference, most products don't exceed 0.3 percent. 

According to the FDA, the study linking parabens with breast cancer is inconclusive. Not only did it fail to demonstrate that parabens cause cancer, it never looked at paraben levels in healthy tissues. 

Indeed, it's rather difficult to avoid parabens. They occur naturally in healthy foods such as barley, strawberries, currants, vanilla, carrots, and onions. The levels are low, mind you, but not terribly far away from the paraben levels in cosmetics. 

However, it is worth noting that the European Commission recognizes parabens as hormone disruptors as they can mimic estrogen in the system. 

Why all the emphasis on parabens? 

You're going to find that a lot of mens aftershave products contain parabens, alcohol, or both. And we don't want you to be stressed by their presence. We've noted which products include or exclude these ingredients so you can be informed, but we haven't ruled them out or you wouldn't be left with many choices.

Of course, we didn't just consider these ingredients in the forty odd hours of research dedicated to this best aftershave list. We also considered price, aroma, moisturizing ability - and of course, whether real men have found each product to work as promised. 

And, we've clearly found the best of the best aftershaves in the process. But don't just take our word for it. Keep reading to see for yourself!