9 Best Mattresses to Give You a Better Night's Sleep

9 Best Mattresses to Give You a Better Night's Sleep

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After 15 hours of research evaluating 80 products, we picked Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima 10" Medium Firm Mattress as our top choice.

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact your mattress actually has on your life? This is a question health and science experts have sought to examine for years and years. And the conclusion they’ve all come to is that a mattress can significantly affect your sleep, health, and overall well-being.

As professor of biomechanics Bart Haex explained:

“During the day, we can [consciously] adjust our positions and change our behavior, but at night we cannot. We really depend on our mattress.”

You might be wondering:

Does that mean maxing out credit cards in order to get a high-quality mattress?

No, absolutely not.

Plus, as associate professor Michael Decker of Georgia State University, says, “Selecting a mattress is very personal.”

This is why in our research on the best mattresses we weren’t just looking at the most expensive brand names or super firm and pricey memory foam mattresses that get so much fanfare for their pain relief capabilities. We, of course, looked at those too, but it was more about finding the best mattresses to help people sleep better regardless of which position they sleep in, what ails them during the night, and so on.

What’s the bottom line?

You spend a lot of time in bed, so don’t go into this decision-making process lightly. Really think about what matters most to you (even if cost is a major factor) and then find a bed that aligns with those needs, not the other way around.

In our top picks for the best mattresses, we’ve included some names you’ll recognize (like Tempur-pedic and Serta) as well as some of the best memory foam mattresses. We also included picks for the best latex mattress, the best innerspring mattress, and even our favorite air mattress since everyone’s sleep needs are different and our goal is to help you get the best night’s sleep—however that may look or feel.

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Quick Look: 9 Best Mattresses to Give You a Better Night's Sleep
Dreamfoam Bedding Spring Dreams Twin XL 9-Inch Two-Sided Pocket Coil Mattress
  • Good mix of soft yet firm
  • Can flip it over to improve longevity of mattress
  • Feels more expensive than it is
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Slumber 1 - 8'' Spring Mattress-In-a-Box
  • Perfect bed for kids
  • Feels like you’re lying on a cloud
  • Great price
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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
  • Integrated air coils make you feel like you're sleeping on a real bed
  • Beautifully easy to inflate and deflate—just turn the knob!
  • Super soft top layer and adjustable firmness for a better night’s sleep
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Sapira by Leesa Luxury mattress
  • Works well for most types of sleep positions and sleeper sizes
  • Great choice if you suffer from pain or sleepless nights
  • Soft yet firm innerspring mattress
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Serta iComfort Hybrid Advisor 15" Plush Pillowtop Mattress Set
  • Amazing hybrid of pillowtop, foam, and coil technology
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Does wonders for lower back pain
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Aviya Mattress
  • Fantastic price for such a high-quality mattress
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • Ridiculously comfortable for an innerspring mattress
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The Spindle Mattress
  • Nice and natural alternative to memory foam mattresses
  • Sleeps cool
  • Easily adjustable based on your preferred firmness
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Loom & Leaf Mattress
  • Best memory foam mattress for the best night’s sleep
  • Perfect amount of support that takes away your pain and doesn’t give you any either
  • Great value
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Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima 10" Medium Firm Mattress
  • The best sleep of your life
  • Perfect mix between softness and support
  • Incredibly well-made mattress
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