Lululemon Athletica's The Mat Yoga & Pilates For Men

Best Yoga Mat for Men With Excess Sweat

Why people love it
  • Peerless wet traction; gets stickier when wet
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Offers good cushioning


Designed to absorb sweat, offers excellent grip and stickiness, solid traction

Has a strong smell that takes a long time to fade



With the natural rubber, you get a thick, well-cushioned base, and the surface is easy to clean and air out once you finish your practice. The traction is surprisingly good, and you'll be able to practice without sliding around. It's an average-sized option, but at 5mm thick, it offers good cushioning without throwing off your balance.


If you're a Hot Yogi/Bikram practitioner, look no further. This choice has been designed for people who sweat A LOT! The polyurethane top layer is moisture-wicking to eliminate sweat, and there's an antimicrobial layer built in to protect the surface. The more you sweat, the better your grip gets thanks to the absorbent material. It's easily cleaned with soap or water, no matter how much you sweat. If you can get past the natural rubber smell, it's an excellent choice!


At $68, this is a fairly pricey option. However, anyone who sweats a lot knows how difficult it can be to practice while slipping and sliding around. The extra wet traction on this bad boy makes it worth every penny if you are a heavy sweater.

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