33 Best Low Fade Haircut Styles

33 Best Low Fade Haircut Styles

One of the best things about the low fade is how versatile it is. From comb-overs to crew cuts, you can pair it with just about any short or medium hairstyle.

Low fade haircuts can elevate any man's style. They can vary from short to long and they offer the cleanest cut finish. They even look great as they grow out, so you can go a couple extra weeks between cuts.

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33. Disconnected Low Fade w/ Pomp

Disconnected Low Fade w/ Pomp Source

This low fade haircut focuses more on the how when it comes to style and the cut itself, rather than the type of hair you have.

The design has a simple medium size pompadour at the top, while the low fade on the sides creates a beautiful disconnection that pairs well with facial hair.

32. Sleek Curls w/ Sharp Low Fade

Sleek Curls w/ Sharp Low Fade Source

The smooth curls on the crown of this hairstyle are best achieved when using a quality hair product. The low fade on the sides is paired with a stylish razor line that creates a distinct and edgy appearance.

31. Natural Flowing Low Drop Fade

Natural Flowing Low Drop Fade Source

The spiral pattern at the center of the head is what is most eye-catching about this hairstyle. What makes this look so unique is that it starts with the natural hair growth pattern, then drops into the low fade on the sides. 

30. Clean Cut Low Fade

Clean Cut Low Fade Source

The "boy-next-door" haircut is timeless, and yet it can easily be modernized with a low fade cut and some added facial hair.

To style, brush your hair back with your favorite styling product, then use a hairdryer and a round brush to add some extra volume.

29. Swept Back Low Fade

Swept Back Low Fade Source

This funky haircut entails leaving some textured and wavy locks at the top of the head. You'll notice the sides have a fantastic low fade design that makes them look chic.

You should finish the design by sweeping back the locks at the top very neatly.

28. Low Skin Fade w/ Textured Bangs

Low Skin Fade w/ Textured Bangs Source

This low fade haircut entails finishing the hair a couple of inches from the hairline and making the sides bald. The skin fade that this style creates is breathtaking, but the long textured bangs at the top are what make it stand out.

Make sure to style the bangs by sweeping them frontwards.

27. Low Razor Fade

Low Razor Fade Source

Although this hairstyle has a perfect long top and faded sides design, the razor line on the side still gives it an extra appeal.

The low fade on the sides is just breathtaking, but the introduction of the artistic line takes its appearance a notch higher.

26. Low Scissors Fade

Low Scissors Fade Source

Scissor fades are harder to accomplish and require more frequent maintenance than most low fades, but they also appear more stylish and create an overall interesting look.

If you want to leave the hair long on top, you can style it into spikes or a long comb over.

25. Crew Cut + Low Fade

Crew Cut + Low Fade Source

Adding a low fade to the classic crew cut makes this hairstyle the perfect hairdo. If you want to combine it with a neat disconnected beard, you can elevate it even further.

24. Spiked High to Low Fade

Spiked High to Low Fade Source

Spiked hair pairs well with a line up and high to low skin fade. Make sure to start with short, choppy layers. You'll notice the hair descends deeply and darkens again for a sculpted beard and mustache.

Make sure you don't go overboard with styling products, to avoid adding a greasy look to the mix!

23. Artistic Low Fade w/ Design

Artistic Low Fade w/ Design Source

This hairstyle is a great way to express yourself. A good hairstylist will be able to produce virtually any image you want.

By adding a design carved above the ear to this burst fade, you can make it both customizable and completely unique.

22. Low Fade w/ Textured Top

Low Fade w/ Textured Top Source

A fade cut should complement every aspect of the wearer's face. You can thicken the tuft of hair on top by fading the sides above the earline to make the hair at the top appear thicker.

21. Low Neck Fade

Low Neck Fade Source

A low neck fade is similar to a bald fade. With this look, the hair is completely cleared away from the neck. Discuss the various combinations you can achieve with your barber, then ask for a bald shave to accomplish the crisp, clean look in the back.

20. Low Fade w/ Line Up

Low Fade w/ Line Up Source

A defining line up and a fresh low fade will give your hairstyle a fresh and clean look. When you look at the blending of this hairstyle, you'll notice it starts at zero, then transitions all the way up.

19. Textured Waves w/ Low Fade

Textured Waves w/ Low Fade Source

Not all low fade haircuts look best when worn neat and polished. This one is paired with a short taper with wild and textured waves which create an edgy and stylish combination that is sure to turn heads.

18. Low Fade w/ Twists

Low Fade w/ Twists Source

These twisted curls are very modern and stand out even more when paired with a low fade and a tight line up. The great thing about these sponge twists are that they will give your hair some awesome texture. 

The fade gives a clean finish and will draw attention to the defined curls. To achieve this look, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner with high moisture and preferably contain mineral oil, and are paraben and sulfate free. 

17. Low Fade w/ Modern Side Part

Low Fade w/ Modern Side Part Source

This is a modern variation of the classic side part. The thing we love most about this hairstyle though is that it doubles as a casual look as well as a professional hairstyle you can rock at formal or business events.

Finish by parting the hair into a hard side part.

16. Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade Source

With this haircut, detail is key. It works well with any face shape.

The hairstyle pictured here actually combines a low burst fade and a mohawk. Be advised, this hairstyle can require a lot of maintenance because the hair tends to grow back fast.

15. Low Fade + Short Afro

Low Fade + Short Afro Source

One of the great things about afros is whether you opt for a flat top or a buzz cut, they work with basically any type of fade.

The contrast between the low fade and the structure and detailing around the hairline is what makes this style unique. The goal is to leave things looking razor sharp and detailed, so we suggest asking your barber for a low fade with a grade one or lower.

Remember that the shaped-up lines will need frequent attention to stay looking pristine. Make sure to get a trim regularly, about every two weeks to keep it looking sharp.

14. Low Fade + Slick Back

Low Fade + Slick Back Source

A slick back hairstyle is already trendy, but when you add a low fade into the mix, it takes this look to a whole new level. When you speak to your barber, simply request a low fade on the sides with a slick back on top, but you might want to bring photos for reference.

To style, blow-dry the hair back on medium heat and using a comb. Next, work a pomade through the full length of the hair using your fingers. We recommend using a firm hold pomade like ShapeShifter by Mack for Men.

Finish by using your comb to slick the hair back and lock things into place.

13. Cropped Curls w/ Low Fade

Cropped Curls w/ Low Fade Source

If you're looking to show off your natural curls, this cropped cut with a low fade is your ideal option. Not only will the cut allow you to make the most of the texture on top of your head, but it will also help keep your appearance in check with a short length and smart shape.

12. Textured Crop w/ Low Fade

Textured Crop w/ Low Fade Source

A low fade is a great option for adding a stylish flare to a short haircut. By adding a taper to your hair you can elevate your otherwise standard cropped cut.

The fade, which gradually reduces the length of the hair from around the temples to the ears, naturally draws the eyes up, adding shape and focus to your look. 

11. Low Fade Buzz Cut

Low Fade Buzz Cut Source

While the buzz cut is a highly practical haircut, it’s not known for being one of the most exciting styles. If you like this super short cut, but want to spice things up, try adding a low fade.

A small taper is a great way to add style and a point of difference to a buzz cut without taking away its signature aesthetic. Opting for a short fade also means that you’ll reveal just the right amount of skin.

10. Messy Pomp w/ a Low Fade

Messy Pomp w/ a Low Fade Source

If you love the look of a pompadour but haven’t quite mastered its perfect appearance, this messy pompadour can look just as stylish as a structured one when styled in the right way.

Luckily, all you need to do to achieve this look is add a low fade. This easy addition will add a sense of tidiness to your hairstyle by keeping its sides short and sharp.

9. Low Fade Undercut

Low Fade Undercut Source

When you pair a low fade with an undercut, you get a unique and modern look. To achieve this look, all you need to do is separate your hair into three sections.

The longest part will be on top, the undercut below the crown, and the fade around the temples and ears.

8. Low Fade Faux Hawk

Low Fade Faux Hawk Source

One of the best ways to wear a low fade is to partner it with a fauxhawk. A fauxhawk, which is short for “faux mohawk”, is a less dramatic take on the classic hairstyle.

Although the style still features hair worn spiked up in a strip from the front to the back of the head, it doesn’t have disconnected, shaved sides. Instead, tapered cuts, such as a fade are used to create the shape of a mohawk without its bold appearance.

7. Low Skin Fade Haircut

Low Skin Fade Haircut Source

With this low skin fade, the hair is cut down to the skin, making the hair on top seem even thicker and longer. Skin fades also work well with beards of all lengths. You'll notice with this cut, the sideburns are gone, but the hair tapers into the facial hair.

6. Low Fade Comb Over

Low Fade Comb Over Source

The classic comb-over gets a revamp with this super slick low fade comb-over. When partnered with a full top, the combination creates a look that’s rooted in tradition but also appears quite contemporary.

5. Low Fade Quiff

Low Fade Quiff Source

A low fade quiff strikes a balance between the short sides and high top. If you're opting for a low fade over a regular or high fade, this is an excellent choice, especially if you're a man with a long or oval-shaped face.

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4. Low Fade Crew Cut

Low Fade Crew Cut Source

Like the buzz cut, a classic crew cut can also benefit greatly from the addition of a low fade. The tapered shave will quickly add a more contemporary and on-trend look to the traditional cut.

Because this look is rather subtle, it won’t alter the sharp and professional appearance of your crew cut, making it a great look you can rock at the office. 

3. Low Fade Blowout

Low Fade Blowout Source

This unique look works brilliantly thanks to its short sides, which transform from a "barely-there" look into a big burst of hair on top. If you have a broad or round face, this elongating hairstyle can perhaps even give you a slimmer appearance.

2. Low Taper w/ Fade

Low Taper w/ Fade Source

A taper is similar to a fade, except it's longer. A tapered cut goes from short to shorter while a fade goes all the way down to the skin. This low taper fade combines the two with short taper that fades hair around the neckline.

1. Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade Source

Like the name suggests, a drop fade drops down behind the ear. All low fades are drop fades because they follow the arc of the hairline. 

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