7 Best Lip Primer

7 Best Lip Primer


After 7 hours of research evaluating 44 products, we picked Golden Rose Nourishing Prime & Prep Lipstick Lip Primer Base and Conditioner as our top choice.

A lip primer works like any other primer - it prepares your lips for lipstick, lip stains, or lipgloss and helps maintain a long-lasting color. 

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We all want a lipstick that won't feather no matter the weather and color that remains vibrant all day long. With the right primer, your lipstick should do just that.

When applying a lip primer, we first recommend exfoliating the lips with a good lip scrub. Once the scrub is washed off, use the lip primer, and then finish the rest of your makeup. By the time your makeup is complete, the lip primer will be dry and ready for lipstick or gloss application!

Below we've compiled a list of some of the best lip primers currently on the market! 

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Now that you've got the best lip primers, head on over to our favorite lipsticks and lip stains!

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