12 Sexy Lingerie Pieces Your Girlfriend or Wife Will Want

12 Sexy Lingerie Pieces Your Girlfriend or Wife Will Want

Buying lingerie gifts for girlfriend is a fun, yet complicated task. In buying something sexy for her to wear, you walk a fine line between being complimentary by suggesting she’s sexy and sending the signal you want her to look like something she’s not, which could easily come off as an insult. 

Unless she's used to recieving lingerie as a present, you might want to hold off until a special occassion. Don't worry, lingerie offers some of the best gift ideas for girlfriends and lovers. Lingerie makes a great compliment to other birthday or Christmas gifts for your wife, girlfriend, or fiancé.

We all know men like lingerie because it turns them on, but the truth is most girls like it just as much for the same reasons. Most women feel sexy in lingerie, get extremely turned on wearing it, and much like a costume, feel they can let the sexy part of themselves come out even more when they put it on. 

If this is your first time buying lingerie for a girl, first consider her attitude towards sex:

  • Does she like to experiment and push the limits in bed?
  • When she’s naked, is she comfortable in her own skin and proud of her body?
  • Do you have sex with the lights on? 

If you can confidently answer yes to all of the above, that’s pretty much a green light that she’ll wear lingerie and even appreciate that you thought to buy it. 

To find a piece of lingerie she’ll like – and actually wear – it’s best to consider her personality and the body parts she’s most proud of. Picking the right lingerie is all about matching the piece to her personality.

If She has a Cute, Playful Style:

If she regularity wears outfits that are more classy than showy and considers herself a girly girl, opt for a babydoll dress or a chemise. A babydoll is a very short spaghetti strap dress that is usually tight around the bust and loosely flowy at the bottom - a cute, playful option.

A chemise is similar to a babydoll dress, but has more of a sexy look. It’s a one-piece, short, shirt-like piece of lingerie that resembles a short sleeveless dress and will perfectly accentuate your lady's breasts.

If She has a Hot, Fun Style:

If your woman is a bit more risqué in her outfit choices and lifestyle, go for a corset - a torso-hugging camisole (aka lingerie top) that is usually lace or button up and will accentuate your lady's curves.

If She has a Sexy, Seductive Style:

If she’s totally comfortable in her skin and has that seductive quality about her, consider a three-piece bra and panty set - which usually includes a garter as the third piece.

When you want to pump up the sexiness of any outfit, keep your eye out for lingerie with a garter belt or straps, which lets her pair the outfit with thigh high stockings (and, you can hope, heals).

Either look for a piece that comes with a separate garter belt, or any piece that has four elastic straps attached that can be secured to thigh high stockings. 

Here's the deal:

Remember this is your girlfriend; wearing lingerie is something that’s completely in her control. Thus you don't buy something you want to see any woman wear; buy something you want to see her wear. 

To ensure you select the right kind, use the logic above and select from of these 14 pieces of lingerie that girlfriends love to receive and want wear. 

Want to know the best part?

We spent hours researching brands, testing lingerie, and reading reviews on the highest rated pieces, to bring you the list of the very best lingerie out there. After many hours of research, we’re confident we have provided you with the best of the best. So no matter what you're looking for, we've got you covered! We even went a step further and categorized the list based on what your lady might be looking for. We considered the fabric and quality, color, style, and price when choosing the best.

Now, lets get to the good stuff.