4 Best Wifi Smart Light Bulbs (LED Color Changing)

4 Best Wifi Smart Light Bulbs (LED Color Changing)

After 15 hours of research evaluating 20 products, we picked Philips Hue LED Starter Kit as our top choice.

It's not that you're lazy; it's that you're always so busy. As soon as you get a chance to relax, you want to do it in style - and without the hassle of continually adjusting the amount of light in your home. In summary, you want to replace your dumb bulbs with smart light bulbs.

So finding the best LED light bulbs would certainly make live easier. After all, a wifi light bulb (or other wireless technology such as Bluetooth or ZigBee) means you have complete control at your fingertips using your smart phone.

Smart bulbs are simply more fun than dumb bulbs :).

And, we are all familiar with that moment when you've decided to call it a night but you know the lights are on downstairs. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could turn off all of the lights in your house without ever having to get out of bed or off the couch because they are smart light bulbs?

Thankfully, our homes are becoming smarter by the minute. And the latest tech craze has given us smart lighting. Using some of the best LED light bulbs available will give you the ability to control from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, smart lights give you total control over your in-home illumination without having to actually get up.

That's why we worked hard to find the best LED light bulbs that are are not just smart, but the unique color changing light bulbs gives you endless lighting options that can bring your home to another level of cool.

Smart lights are taking over!

The move towards Smart lights bulbs isn’t yet in full swing, 72 percent of people polled by Osram Sylvania believe that Smart bulbs will eventually replace traditional light bulbs all together.

And 86 percent believe that they have at least one room in their home that would benefit from Smart light bulbs.

According to their research Icontrol Networks, 70 percent are also excited about cost savings which is something Smart lights do rather well.

Think your Smart lighting system through carefully!

It’s possible the low rate of  those interested in smart bulbs for their convenience has to do with the stories like Stacey Higginbotham’s on Fortune.com.

We’ve been pouring over reviews, specs, and putting the top systems thorugh a rigorous testing process, to come up with the best way to customize your home's lighting using wifi light bulbs, so you can get your relax on.