6 Best LED Grow Lights

6 Best LED Grow Lights

Grocery costs rival - and even exceed - monthly mortgage costs in many cities across the United States. The average 4-person American family with 2 kiddos in elementary school spends a minimum of $639.30 on groceries per month - and that figure jumps significantly higher if they primarily buy organic products or allergy-friendly foods. Some families of this size dole out a whopping $1,274.60 per month on food and beverages.


Luckily, there are ways you can reduce the amount you pay to feed your family. If high food expenses are killing your budget, consider planting your own garden. As an added benefit, you can also avoid GMOs and pesticides when you grow produce at home.

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes through your screen right now. Look, we get it...not everyone has space for an outdoor garden or lives in an area with a mild climate. Some of us at Faveable are in the same boat, which is why we spent weeks compiling information about the best indoor grow lights.

You might be wondering:

What exactly is an indoor grow light? What can I do with it? How do I choose the right one?

An indoor grow light mimics the golden glow of natural sunlight. You can use an indoor grow light on nearly any type of plant, from fruits and vegetables to fresh herbs and fragrant flowers. Heck, you can even grow a mandarin orange tree in your living room with an indoor grow light. How cool is that?

We’ve narrowed down a few key factors to help you decide which indoor grow light you need. Bulb color, brightness, features, and price are the factors that influenced us when selecting our favorites.

Whether you’re growing a complete indoor garden or just want to help a few pots of cilantro and basil flourish, we’ve got you covered with our helpful list below!