10 Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings

10 Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings


After 10 hours of research evaluating 240 products, we picked Classic Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents in 14k Gold as our top choice.

Here's the deal:

After decades of research and development, scientists can now replicate the earth's natural diamond growing process.

Sound silly? It's not:

Carbon can be crystallized into brilliant lab-grown diamonds that are chemically, optically, and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds.

The differences?

Lab created diamonds leave a net zero carbon footprint. They are conflict-free with no human or environmental exploitation. Lab grown diamonds are always perfect or nearly perfect because their growing environment is completely controlled. And here's the kicker: they cost up to 40 percent less (per the FTC.)

Among consumers—specifically millennials—mined-diamonds have a bad rap for the high human cost and environmental damage that comes with natural mining. This generation obsesses (in a good way) over responsible sourcing and production of merchandise. Lab grown diamond rings meet that demand while mined diamonds fall short.

Want to know the best part?

With a man-made diamond, you get more for less. Right now, I'm looking at a 1.00 Carat H VS1 Mined diamond for $5500. Right next to it, just as dazzlingly beautiful and chemically identical is a 1.77 Carat H VS1 Lab-Grown diamond for the same price.

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