12 Rockin' Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Should Have

12 Rockin' Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Should Have

“We do a lot more than barbecue." Those are the words of a freelance copywriter, as quoted by the New York Times. This working husband and father is just one of the millions of American men who head home after work to put dinner on the table. 

Don't believe it? 

Esquire journalist, Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn, set out to prove that all the time spent on food trends was a waste. Her cynicism drove her to uncover numbers proving that all the time spent on food writing, recipe videos, and celebrity chef productions do not induce people to get back into the kitchen. 

She was wrong, admittedly so. 

Instead, she discovered that more women are back in the kitchen... accompanied by more men. 

How many American men make dinner?

According to the Washington Post, 43 percent of American men are doing (at least some of) the cooking. That's higher than at any other point in history.

And the numbers continue to rise. 

Maybe you're a Gordon Ramsey in the making - or perhaps you avoid the kitchen as much as you possibly can.  Either way, you need these killer kitchen gadgets.  There are some that you just cannot live without. 

At Faveable, we know that having fun in the kitchen means adding in a few gadgets.  Just think about Kitchen Aid appliances or a handheld smoker for great fun. (You probably crave a pizza oven, an air fryer, and half a dozen other kitchen utensils.)

They don’t even need to be all that high tech; a gadget can be as simple as a garlic press or a spatula.  As long as it makes life easier and your food more enjoyable, then it counts.  And everything included on our list falls into that category. Each of these kitchen gadgets is sexy and manly in its own right. So, roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a drink and enjoy.

Home cooks are more likely to cook from an iPhone or Facebook video these days than with a printed recipe book. So our top Fave shouldn't surprise you in the least. 

As for all the other Faves on this list? We spent well over a week mulling over the top food trends for home cooks and looking at the ways real men are working in the kitchen. 

Now it's time to take a look. Whether you're just playing around, impressing your girl or entertaining the guys, these kitchen gadgets will bring out your inner man. Plus, some of these gadgets are just plain fun to play (ahem, work) with. And, as an extra bonus, these gadgets make great gifts too – especially when they’re on sale.