9 Best Tasting K-Cup Coffee Flavors

9 Best Tasting K-Cup Coffee Flavors

Do you remember the way you fondled your Keurig when you delicately pulled it from its packaging and patted it into place on your kitchen counter?

And now? Yeah, you still use it, but you’re just not sure which way to turn when it comes to ordering the best k cup coffee.

But finding the best k cups doesn't always mean the best keurig coffee, we have one example on our list of an amazing non-keurig k cup that we think you will love.

It's time to find the Best Keurig Coffee Pods

You may have read the barista ranking and experienced a twinge of college coffee-elitism (though barista Lorenzo Perkins was hardly wrong in his assessments).

And if you're still trying to figure out if a single cup brewer is right for you, our list of the best single serve coffee maker options can help.

We get the need to stay away from flavors with names like “Jamaica Me Crazy” and any k cup coffee flavor that resembles chicory moonshine. So, we’ll help you out. We've loaded the best Keurig Green Mountain coffee varieties and a few of the best Keurig coffee pods you can pick up for less.

How did we get here?

There are a lot of K-cups on the market, both Keurig-certified products and those off-branders that are compatible with your machine. (And keep in mind that they're different from Nespresso pods which are becoming increasingly popular.)

There is one thing you should keep in mind whenever you do your own research - it's spelled Keurig, not kurig or kerig - even if you're looking for k cups cheap. We’re pretty sure that if you get any of the best k cup coffee faves, it’s all going to be alright (though; it may be the coffee, not The Walking Dead that keeps you awake tonight).

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