8 Best Instant Coffee Brands

8 Best Instant Coffee Brands

Despite what many “coffee snobs” will tell you, the best instant coffee does deserve a place in your kitchen. After all, you’ll need something quick and easy to mix into your drinks when you want to turn a mild chai tea into an energy-boosting dirty chai, or turn hot chocolate into a delicious instant mocha.

All in an instant, thanks to instant coffee!

Instant coffee doesn’t come in anywhere near as many varieties as ground coffee, but there is still enough options that you can find delicious choices for your ready-made brews. The good news is that you’ll never need a coffee machine—all you need is hot milk or water and you’re ready to go.

Below, we’ve got a list of the best instant coffee options for you. After extensive taste-testing (we're talking 4-5 times a week here), we’ve brought you the best-tasting choices for your home use.

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