6 Best Ice Cream Makers

6 Best Ice Cream Makers

If you’re a fan of ice cream (and, come on, who isn’t?), you’ve probably thought about making your own. 

You can, of course, do it in a truly old-fashioned way, stirring your ice cream mixture by hand every half hour in between freezing it. It’s time-consuming but possible.

But, you’d do a lot better with an ice cream maker. Really, even if you want to go the manual route, it’s much easier to get a gadget to help you. (We’ve got one that makes ice cream making super fun.) Making ice cream is a little more complicated than simply freezing milk. It’s got to do with the fat and water particles in the mix.

Electric ice cream makers, however, aren’t prohibitively priced. Well, you can go in for a semi-professional ice cream maker (we’ve got one of those too) and pay plenty. But, you can expect to pay between $40 and $75 for a solid ice cream maker that will give you the most delicious ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or other frozen treats in less than an hour.

Sounds delicious, right?

After a week of research, we’ve put together the best ice cream makers you can get today. We’re huge fans of the top Fave, but we think there’s an ice cream maker for everyone here.

Note: If you do go the salt and ice method rather than a purely electrical machine, but sure to use rock salt. Really. It will give you the creamiest ice cream ever. Who can say no to that?