7 Best Hydration Packs

7 Best Hydration Packs


After 19 hours of research evaluating 75 products, we picked TETON Sports Oasis 1100 as our top choice.

Did you know that it's recommended that you drink roughly 1 liter of water for every two hours you spend hiking? This depends on your body weight and the temperature and humidity of the hike, of course.

If you're planning to hike for more than a couple of hours, you're going to need a way to carry water with you.

Say goodbye to bottles forever…

Hydration backpacks are an amazing choice for anyone who wants to hike all day. They weigh less than a good pair of hiking boots, but they allow you to carry water and small items on your back. You get hands-free climbing or hiking and an easy way to drink water all day long.

What's not to love?

Below, we've done the work of finding the best hydration pack for you, combing through hundreds of products and reading thousands of product reviews. The water backpacks below will help you stay cool and hydrated no matter how long you plan to hike.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommmend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

7 Best Hydration Packs

  • 7. KUYOU Hydration Pack
  • 6. TETON Sports Trailrunner
  • 5. CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack
  • 4. Nathan NS5025 Hpl Hydration Running Backpack
  • 3. Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack
  • 2. Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack
  • 1. TETON Sports Oasis 1100

Best Budget Hydration Pack


KUYOU Hydration Pack

Best Budget Hydration Pack: KUYOU Hydration Pack
65 Bought
Water Storage
90 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Extremely affordable
  • Adjustable straps, never feels heavy

This hydration pack is simple to use and light to carry. It's made with breathable material and makes for carefree workouts. The minimalist design makes for easy travel, and the adjustable straps ensure your desired comfort. 

The straps are plastic, so they might not be super comfortable against bare skin. 

Expert Ratings

Water Storage

9.0 / 10

This hydration pack comes with a 2L BPA-Free Water Bladder. It doesn't store a ton of water, but it stores just enough for a good workout. 


9.1 / 10

We love that this pack is designed with extra storage for your personal items like keys, phone, etc. The high-quality nylon fabric has lightweight and breathable mesh, that is comfortable to wear. The pack is durable and provides just enough water for a long run, ride, or workout. The adjustable straps enable you to fit the pack just right to your desired comfort.


8.9 / 10

The water case is 100% odorless, tasteless, BPA-Free, and leakproof. The mouthpiece is soft and comfortable to use. It's easily accessible thanks to the connection tube, and you can easily control the water flow by biting down on the mouthpiece. It's good to note that you shouldn't use this pack to store anything besides water. 


8.8 / 10

This is the most budget-friendly hydration pack on our list. For $15.88, you're getting a hydration pack that won't break the bank while remaining durable and comfortable throughout your workouts. 

Overall Editor Score

9.0 / 10

Most Versatile Hydration Pack


TETON Sports Trailrunner

Most Versatile Hydration Pack: TETON Sports Trailrunner
189 Bought
Water Storage
93 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A hydration pack designed for athletes and outdoorsman
  • Slim, lightweight, and athletic
  • Good water storage; very comfortable

Practical, low-profile design, low-priced, lightweight, great for cycling, hiking, and climbing alike; 2-liter capacity, kink-free drink tube, large opening for adding ice, limited lifetime warranty, built-in safety features, and durable design.

Not easy to drink from and features very little storage space.

Expert Ratings

Water Storage

9.0 / 10

This pack comes with a 2-liter, BPA-free plastic reservoir. The push-lock bite valve and kink-free sip tube ought to make it easy to drink from, but many users have noticed that it takes a lot more effort to get water from this pack than others on this list.



9.5 / 10

The design is athletic and rugged, with a slim profile and light weight that makes it the hiker, climber, and biker's best friend. It's even useful for runners and triathletes, thanks to its durable fabric and lean design.


9.0 / 10

The pack doesn't offer much in the way of storage space, but it throws in a number of safety features, including reflective trim, an orange whistle, and strap clips for extra climbing or safety webbing. The stay-put, easy-adjust loops on the shoulder straps allow for quick and simple adjustment while walking or cycling.


9.5 / 10

$22 is a good price tag for this slim, durable hydration pack. You'll need to bring another pack for added gear, but this will keep you well hydrated on your cycling, hiking, or climbing trip.

Overall Editor Score

9.3 / 10

Most Reliable Hydration Pack


CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack

Most Reliable Hydration Pack: CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack
217 Bought
76 % Editor Score
85 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable
  • Large straw delivers more water per sip
  • Easy to use, well-designed

Lightweight, compact, durable, the "original" hydration pack, includes zippered exterior pocket, ventilated mesh harness, easy to wear for hours, mesh back panel, 2.5-liter capacity, and easy to turn off and on.

Shoulder straps may be a bit too tight, and it features limited storage space.

Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with a 2.5-liter water reservoir, complete with an ergonomic, easy-open cap that makes for quick refilling. The Crux reservoir and extra-large straw gives you more water with every sip, and you'll find the off/on lever makes it easy to get all the water you want while walking.

Design: The backpack is designed with maximum comfort in mind, with both ventilated mesh straps and a mesh back panel that will keep you from sweating heavily while walking. The straps may be a bit snug on your shoulders, but the pack is lightweight enough that you'll hardly notice it. It's made of durable fabric that will hold up well for years to come.

Features: The classic hydration pack has only a couple of features worth noting: reflective accents to make you visible even at night, and a secure zippered exterior pocket. Don't expect a lot of storage space in this bag, just enough for a first aid kit, a flashlight, or your wallet and keys.

Price: $50 is a decent price to pay for the water capacity and durability offered by this pack. Camelback's Classic really does get it right!

Best Hydration Pack for Runners


Nathan NS5025 Hpl Hydration Running Backpack

Best Hydration Pack for Runners: Nathan NS5025 Hpl Hydration Running Backpack
149 Bought
81 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A featherweight hydration pack perfect for runners
  • Comfortable to wear, durable, and designed for regular use
  • Stable, never worry about bouncing around again

Lightweight, slim profile, breathable fabric, prevents bouncing as you run, 2-liter size, fully adjustable straps, zippered pocket, front and back pockets for all your gear, and bladder is both PVC and BPA-free.

Not the most comfortable for women with ample chests, and the bladder durability is iffy.

Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with a BPA-free, PVC-free 2-liter water bladder, with a long straw and bite valve that makes for easy drinking. Sadly, the bladder is prone to leaks, and the quality of the water container isn't quite up to par with some of the others on our list.

Design: The hydration pack is designed with runners in mind. It weighs next to nothing, and it has a much slimmer profile than most packs. The fabric is fully breathable to prevent overheating, and you'll find it's comfortable to wear for hours of running. The padding built into the back panel and straps will reduce wear on your shoulders and spine as you run.

Features: The chest, waist, and shoulder straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to pull the straps tight to prevent bouncing or jostling as you run. The harness moves with your chest and torso for maximum comfort and minimal friction on the road, and you'll love the extra storage space for your keys, wallet, smartphone, and IDs.

Price: $70 is a high price to pay for a hydration pack, but for marathoners, triathletes, or distance runners, this pack's slim profile and sleek design makes it the ideal choice.

Most Comfortable Hydration Backpack


Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

Most Comfortable Hydration Backpack: Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack
191 Bought
86 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A super comfortable, padded hydration pack
  • Easy to carry all day long
  • Cleaning and maintenance on the bladder is a breeze

Decent-sized bladder, super comfortable straps, great design, food-grade plastic, lightweight, good storage space, multiple usage, large mouth allows you to add ice chunks, easy to clean, 100% leak-proof, and dries quickly.

Not the most durable pack.

Water Storage: The bladder on this bad boy is sized for 2 liters of water (70 ounces). It's made from food-grade BPA-free plastic, and you'll find the wide mouth makes it easy to keep it clean. You can also refill it quickly and add ice chunks to keep your water cool all day long.

Design: The pack is designed for maximum comfort, so there's a good amount of padding in the shoulder straps and the bag itself. In fact, it's intended to be used as a pillow on hiking/camping trips, and can handle up to 132 pounds of weight.

The pack is made from lightweight nylon, and it's fully waterproof. Sadly, the nylon isn't as durable as it ought to be, so you shouldn't expect more than a year or so of use from the bag before it breaks or rips. However, while you have it, it will be the most comfortable hydration pack you'll ever wear.

Features: The bag comes with reflective pipes to make you fully visible at night while hiking. The shoulder straps are beautifully breathable, so you'll never need to worry about overheating. The elastic strap, mesh pockets, and bottom organizer pocket give you a good amount of storage space for your keys, ID, wallet, smartphone, and other items. Thanks to the pipe hose clip on the left strap, you can keep the straw right next to your mouth all day long.

Price: This is a budget backpack, which means it's great for your first hydration pack if you're a new hiker. It's not going to last for years to come, but it's your perfect choice to get used to hiking with water on your back.

Most Durable Hydration Pack


Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack

Most Durable Hydration Pack: Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack
268 Bought
91 % Editor Score
94 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Rugged, hardcore hydration pack keeps pace with hardcore hiking
  • Compact, lightweight design won't get in your way or weigh you down
  • Easily adjustable for men and women

Designed for tactical use, very rugged, camo pattern, includes MOLLE straps, slim, lightweight, large organizer pocket, wide-mouthed bladder, large enough for ice chunks,  very resistant to tears and damage, and adjustable fit.

Chest strap isn't as comfortable as other packs.

Water Storage: This hydration pack comes with 2.5 liters of water storage space, in a BPA-free plastic bladder that can be removed from the backpack for easy cleaning and filling. The wide mouth of the bladder allows you to drop ice chunks and cubes into the pack, and the screw cap ensures that your hydration pack never leaks.

Design: Made with 900D (heavy duty) polyester, the backpack is designed to be super rugged and able to keep up with hardcore hiking. There's a PVC lining to increase tear-resistance and prevent falls or scraps from ruining the pack.

The chest and waist straps ensure the pack stays firmly in place and spreads out the load of the water as you hike. The shoulder straps can fit anyone from teenagers to full-sized men with 50" chests. It feels nice and lightweight as you wear it, but there's a ruggedness to it that will guarantee many happy years of hiking use.

Features: The straps are designed to be easily adjustable with just one hand. Though it's a sleek backpack, it comes with a decent-sized bottom organizer pocket large enough to fit your keys, wallet, ID, large smartphone, smarttool, towel, and other knickknacks. For military or hunting use, it has MOLLE straps that allow you to attach additional pouches for more storage space. It's a survivalist's best friend!

Price: This is a very well-priced backpack, given how durable it is and how many years of regular use you'll get out of it. It's well worth the price for rugged quality, even if it's not the most comfortable of packs.

Best Hydration Pack Overall


TETON Sports Oasis 1100

Best Hydration Pack Overall: TETON Sports Oasis 1100
613 Bought
78 % Editor Score
97 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The day hiker's best budget choice, yet great quality
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Durable, water-resistant, and comes with lots of storage space

Durable, lightweight, easy to carry all day long, comfortable, lots of extra storage space, easy to adjust fit, rain cover included, well-priced, 2-liter size, great for overnight and day hikes, reliable, and highly visible in the dark.

Reservoir has a plastic taste, and the zipper quality is iffy.

Water Storage: This hydration backpack comes with a 2-liter water reservoir made of BPA-free plastic. The reservoir is easy to fill, though some users have noted that it takes a bit of effort to pull the water through the straw. Some have also mentioned the water having a bit of a "plasticky" taste.

Design: The hydration pack is designed like your classic day backpack, with two durable, padded shoulder straps and two straps to run across your chest and hips to bear the weight of the water. The Teton bladder/reservoir can be removed for easy filling, and the loops on the shoulder straps make it easy to keep the straw sitting right beside your face all hike long. The straps are user-friendly and can be easily adjusted to match your shoulder, chest, and torso size.

Features: In addition to the storage space for the water reservoir, this backpack comes with extra zippered pockets and pouches for your wallet, keys, ID, and other compact items. You'll find that this hiking pack offers a lot more storage space than most of the other options on our list.

Price: $40 is a pretty good price to pay for this high-quality, well-designed hydration pack. Though it's not the cheapest on our list, it's still one of the most budget-conscious options. It's the only pack you'll need to buy for years to come.

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