Never Eat Bland Food Again: 10 Best Hot Sauces in the World

Never Eat Bland Food Again: 10 Best Hot Sauces in the World

What is food without hot sauce? Boring and bland, that's what it is.

And, it takes a real man to eat proper hot sauce. We don't mean the packets you pick up at Taco Bell or your local BBQ joint. We mean super hot sauces, the kind that will put hair on your chest. Okay, we're not ruling out women here, or suggesting that hot sauce will put hair on your wife's chest. It won't. Incidentally, a recent study has revealed that women consume high levels of capsaicin because they enjoy the pain; men, on the other hand, are more concerned with appearing macho. The ones that truly love it - they're called chili heads.

Capsaicin? What's that? Oh, that's the stuff that gives chili peppers their stinging burn. Believe it or not, capsaicin is odorless, which means that it's also tasteless; it doesn't interact with your taste buds at all. Instead, it reacts with the pain receptors located under the skin. From these points, capsaicin travels to your brain on the same neuronal pathways as fats do. That's why you feel fuller faster when you add hot sauce to your meals. But that's not all, capsaicin also increases your metabolism (so you get more from your workouts than you would without it).

If that wasn't enough, capsaicin has been shown to kill or stave off cancerous cells - including significant results with prostate cancer. That's good news for all men. And don't worry, hot sauce doesn't burn a hole in your belly; in fact it stimulates the healthy stomach enzymes responsible for keeping ulcers at bay. Need just one more reason to indulge in your favorite hot sauce? It's great for your heart and circulatory system, cleaning it and expanding blood vessel capacity as it travels through your system. (Now, on that note, we do need to warn you about the double burn. If it's hot on the way in, it's the same on the way out.)

Ready to get your hot sauce fix? Why not try one of these incredible sauces? Besides all the health benefits associated with capsaicin, these bottles of fire will transform every meal.