20 Best High School Graduation Gifts (2018)

20 Best High School Graduation Gifts (2018)

After 25 hours of research evaluating 200 products, we picked A Signed Copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” as our top choice.

After 12 or 13 long years in school, your graduate is finally headed toward the finish line for the ultimate prize: A high school diploma. Well, unless you’re raising a child prodigy like Michael Kearney. He graduated high school when he was just 6 years old and then went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree at age 10.

Impressive, right? 

Luckily, you don’t have to race through the years to score a diploma. You receive a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremony whether you skipped half the grades in elementary school or were held back a time or two. Unfortunately, more than 1.2 million kids drop out of high school each year. It’s a major accomplishment when a student earns a diploma, so we're happy that you’re searching for the perfect gift to honor this amazing achievement.  

Here's the deal:

After weeks of hands-on research and conversations with recent graduates, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the best gifts for high school graduates in 2017. We’ve got fun electronics, sentimental treasures, and practical must-haves. Whether you’re shopping for a straight-A student headed to an Ivy League school, a military-bound guy or gal, or a future cosmetologist, you’re sure to find something below that’s a hit with your favorite high school graduate! 

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