5 Best Hair Removal Creams for Women

5 Best Hair Removal Creams for Women

Women aren't supposed to be hairy. At least that's the message we receive every day from the moment puberty sets in.

The hair on your head is good; so are eyebrows. Any other hair on your face or neck is bad. The hair on your arms is acceptable, as long as it doesn't look like you're wearing a sweater. But, you're not supposed to have hair in your armpits, on your back, your belly, and definitely not your legs! Hair in those places suggests you're a lazy groomer and that doesn't bode well for potential relationships. 

And what about the hair down there?

You know what we mean, even if we discreetly call it a bikini line. Everyone (without alopecia totalis) has pubic hair once they hit that special (and completely embarrassing) phase known as puberty. 

Believe it or not, pubic hair has a purpose beyond demonstrating the age of sexual maturity. Public hair protects against viruses and diseases. Even surgeons have discovered that leaving this hair in place during operations is more beneficial than shaving it. Your pubic hair is also there to prevent skin irritations caused by friction. 


We understand that you'll remove whatever hair you want for vanity purposes. And regardless of the natural state of our bodies and the hair on it, we know you want to get rid of most of it - and you'll go to great lengths to do so. That's nothing new. 

Even the ancient Egyptians shaved their pubes

Since shaving is such a bore...

At some point, you're going to turn to facial hair removal cream or pubic hair removal cream. After all, that Veet hair removal cream works ever so well on your legs, doesn't it? 

So what transforms a product into the best hair removal cream out there? In the thirty odd hours we spent narrowing this list down to the top five products, we considered several factors so you can compare according to what matters most to you. 

And now... on to the best hair removal cream products on the market. Just remember... you don't have to remove your pubic hair - no matter what popular media would have you believe. Just saying...