6 Best Hair Growth Products

6 Best Hair Growth Products

Ever wonder why most women don’t experience balding the way men do? To add fuel to the fire, there’s a nasty rumor that male baldness comes from your maternal genes.

The good news is that you can stop resenting your mother - hereditary baldness can come from either side of your gene pool.

Here's what we mean:

The most common form of balding is officially called Androgenic Alopecia. If this is the type of hair loss that you have, a Minoxidil product (including Rogaine) is going to be your best bet.

Here's the best part:

We took a look at some of the best hair growth products and hair loss cure options on the market. The truth is that there isn't much out there. Yes, there is Minoxidil, and that is your best bet as a hair loss treatment. 


You should also look at hair growth shampoo. Though these aren't going to give you a full head of hair on their own, they provide the right environment for that to happen.

The good news is, we created a list of the best hair growth shampoo out there.

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