4 Best Gym Bags for Women

4 Best Gym Bags for Women

If you're a dedicated gym-goer but have to haul all of your gear with you to work Monday through Friday, then you've probably faced the struggle of forgetting important items. Lets face it, we've all used the excuse of a forgotten hair tie to skip a dreaded workout. Which is why it's important to pack a gym bag with all of the essentials. That way, you'll always be prepared and never have to skip a workout again. 

Here's the deal: 

We know that it can be really tough to squeeze in a workout before or after work. But according to the Journal of Neural Transmission, exercise not only builds muscle and makes you look better, but it also has a positive effect on your mood. So you can be a happier person. Who could say no to that?

Although gym bags have evolved into the go-to bag for all occasions, we cannot forget why they were created in the first place - of course, for going to the gym. Choosing a gym bag deserves as much careful consideration as picking out a new pair of running shoes or yoga pants. It has to be big enough to stash towels, shoes, water bottles, and protein bars. But it should also be comfortable enough to carry. And, the kind of gym bag you choose can say a lot about you. Some women like to sport the classic duffel or the yoga bag. While others prefer totes, backpacks, and even designer handbags -yes, we're talking about you Kim Kardashian

Want to know the best part? 

Whether you’re looking for a bag that will fit both work and gym items or just looking for one to take to yoga, deciding on the perfect one can seem like a difficult task. We get it, there are so many great ones out there! In order to make your life easier we at Faveable have done the research for you. We spent hours researching products, reading reviews from women just like you, and even trying out several brands in order to create a list of the best. We even went a step further and categorized them based on what you might be looking for. In compiling our list, we considered the following factors: style, quality, and price.

The following gym bags are our favorite out there (and the best). From roomy duffel bags to comfortable backpacks, our list includes a little bit of everything in order to meet every woman’s needs. So go ahead, upgrade your workout.