5 Best GPS Pet Trackers

5 Best GPS Pet Trackers


After 10 hours of research evaluating 25 products, we picked Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor as our top choice.

Cats and dogs are important members of the family, but, like your kids, they tend to have a mind of their own. They may run away from home for a number of reasons—out of habit, a desire for freedom, mating, loneliness, or just boredom—but when they do, it can be tough to find them and bring them home.

Not with a GPS pet tracker!

With a GPS dog collar or cat collar, you can use your phone's GPS system to track them anywhere in your city. A pet tracker is a very handy addition to your pet care gadgets, as it will ensure that you can find your pet quickly, before they get hungry, in trouble, or injured.

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