Gifts To Impress Your Girl's Parents

Gifts To Impress Your Girl's Parents

If you’re visiting her family over the holidays, you don’t want to show up empty handed. It doesn’t matter if you’re their son-in-law or your girlfriend’s newest fling - bringing a gift is common courtesy no matter what your status.

Picking out the best gift for parents, however, can be quite daunting.


This is one of the only times you’ll want to give a gift where the thought should be of more importance than the actual item. If you give something inappropriate it will most certainly draw the wrong attention.

On the other hand, if you pick up a gift card on your way to their house, you’re lack of thought is sure to stick out like a sore thumb. In order to get a good gift for your girlfriend or wife’s parents, shop with two things in mind: tradition and gourmet.

Here's the deal:

The point is to give them something that is nicer than they would normally buy for themselves and goes with the theme (which is often food and drink).

To get you started, and ensure you are greeted with smiles and an open door, grab one of these 15 perfect gifts for your girl’s parents.

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.

Best Gifts for Girlfriend's Parents

  • 20. 27 Favorites
  • 19. Flavored Olive Oil Gift Set
  • 18. The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver
  • 17. Tommy John Men's Second Skin Trunk
  • 16. Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener
  • 15. Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio
  • 14. 23andMe DNA Test
  • 13. August Video Doorbell Cam 2nd Gen
  • 12. Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • 11. Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Ball Gift Box
  • 10. Tommy John Solid Stay-Up Dress Sock
  • 9. NEST Fragrances Luxury Mini Votive Candle Set
  • 8. Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes
  • 7. Quiseen Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones
  • 6. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set
  • 5. Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker
  • 4. NIX 8-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor
  • 3. iRobot Roomba 675 Automatic Vacuum w/ Alexa
  • 2. Netflix $30 Gift Card
  • 1. Simply Organic Gourmet Top 24 Spices Set

Best Christmas Gift for Snacking In-Laws


27 Favorites

Best Christmas Gift for Snacking In-Laws: 27 Favorites
78 % Editor Score
82 % User Score
1,493 Bought

Why People Love it

  • So many types of meats, cheeses, and sweet treats
  • Terrific variety, great value
  • Premium ingredients for a gourmet product

Incredibly broad assortment of gourmet meats, cheeses, and treats; includes both sweet and savory delights; comes in a beautiful gift box; and chocolates feature high quality ingredients.

Some products need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Why They'll Love It: Not sure what to buy for your in-laws? This box set of meats, cheeses, and treats is a surefire winner every time! The snack-sized beef and pork sausages will make for a delicious picnic or evening dinner party treat, and the luxurious cheddar, Colby, gouda, and brick cheeses are sure to enchant their palate. The mini butter toffees are absolutely delightful, and the cakes, fruit spreads, petit fours, and bonbons are the perfect way to wrap up a delicious snack box. Just over 2 pounds of top-quality treats!

Price: At $30 for the snack box, it's a well-priced gift basket that your in-laws are certain to enjoy. Each of the 27 favorites will give them something new and unique to try.

Best Christmas Gift for Healthy Eaters


Flavored Olive Oil Gift Set

Best Christmas Gift for Healthy Eaters: Flavored Olive Oil Gift Set
98 % Editor Score
83 % User Score
879 Bought

Why People Love it

  • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Made Fresh in Northern California
  • First Cold Pressed, Organic

High quality olive oil, delicious flavors, 100% natural, locally sourced, organic, beautiful packaging, and adds richness and variety to your meals.

The bottles fairly small for the price.

Why They'll Love It: For those in-laws that love to cook, this gift is guaranteed to delight. The 5-ounce bottles of olive oil come in four different flavors: garlic, chili, lemon, and rosemary. The olive oil is 100% extra virgin, made from organic olives, and cold-pressed in Northern California (locally sourced and produced). These are high quality extra virgin olive oils that will be absolutely delightful on salads, mixed into dressings, used for cooking, or drizzled onto fresh bread.

Price:At $48 for the 4-pack, this gift is slightly on the pricier side, even for high quality olive oil. However, once you see the response to the unique flavors of the oil, you'll know you made the right choice!

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Snobs


The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Snobs: The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver
81 % Editor Score
83 % User Score
1,390 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Keeps wine tasting fresh; prevents oxidation
  • Easy to use—insert and pump for a few seconds
  • An inexpensive solution for better wine storage!

Keeps wine fresh by removing oxygen from the bottle, easy to use, inexpensive, compact, comes with two bottle stoppers, and suitable for all white and red wines.

Some reviewers report quality control issues.

Why They'll Love It: This little wine preserver is the perfect gift for wine lovers! It manually pumps air out of an opened bottle of wine to help prevent oxidation, which can degrade flavor and bouquet. Simply insert into an opened bottle, secure, and pump until the vacuum clicks. The easy-to-use pump will keep wine fresher between glasses.

Price: Just $7 for this little wine preserver? Absolutely! It's easy to use, reliable, and a portable tool they can take wherever they go. Definitely a gift worth giving.

Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Trunk

Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs: Tommy John Men's Second Skin Trunk
92 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
37,423 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Fits great, includes kangaroo pouch
  • Super comfortable
  • Feels like nothing beneath your clothes

We have so much to say about this underwear pick. In short, they’re lightweight, super soft, and all-around comfortable. It really feels like you've got nothing on, yet the support is solid. A perfect combination and we love wearing them.

The only downside we have is that they are a little pricey. But, if you can close your eyes as you're pushing the buy button you will love everything about them.

Expert Ratings


9.4 / 10

Super soft and breathable material makes this underwear a great rival to ExOfficio. However, because these are so thin (that’s what gives you the barely-there-ness), they do have a tendency to break down a lot quicker. So buyer beware.


9.5 / 10

There’s a kangaroo pouch built into this underwear to ensure that you’re not being compressed and constricted from every angle.


9.5 / 10

If you are looking for a soft and almost-naked-feeling comfort, then this underwear will be perfect for you.


8.5 / 10

If you’re willing to take special care of this underwear—or if you don’t care about shelling out money more regularly to replace these—then the price tag may be worth it.

Overall Editor Score

9.2 / 10

Best Smart Garage Door Opener and Motor for Tight Security


Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

Best Smart Garage Door Opener and Motor for Tight Security: Chamberlain B730 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener
92 % Editor Score
86 % User Score
233 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Amazingly quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Simple programming

This super-quiet Smart opener connects to a host of home automation systems (through the MyQ app). It’s also HomeLink enabled and works on radio signals rather than WiFi.

A few battery and WiFi connectivity issues that seem to affect only a few users. Additionally, the number of possible users is limited.

It’s not that much more expensive than other units when you figure that you also get the garage door opener motor itself. (That’s supposing, of course, that you’re comfortable installing the unit yourself.)

But, you may not want to outlay this kind of cash unless you actually need to replace your current garage door opener. If you do, this is the unit to consider when you want to connect to your home automation system but still maintain strong safety and security. 

And, you should know that this actually works with radio frequencies, not WiFi, though you can connect it to your network through the MyQ system. Linking this platform with IFTTT, Apple Home, Wink, and others does require a service fee which is as much as $1/month.

We know, it’s not that steep, but you also need to know that this particular unit only allows for 3 users (in addition to the standard remotes and a keypad), which is a bit of a downer. However, that’s per garage door, so if you need to pick up a pair of these, you may actually have more access than you realistically need. 

But, you're not opening access to all and sundry. The security features on this particular unit include: battery backup, enhanced triband radio frequency technology (which is a little more difficult to crack), security +2.0code encryption, and posi-lock protection against forced entry. That's a whack of security features - on top of the limited user list that you get. Not bad, right?

All in, the features make this worth the price you’ll pay for this Smart garage door opener.

Max doors: 1

Integrates with: MyQ integrates with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Wink, and XFINITY Home. That gives you a whole range of home automation options, but you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to connect to these services ($1/month or $10/year).

Garage door compatibility: You’re buying a garage door opener with plenty of bells and whistles.

Connects via: Radio signals (310, 315, 390), though you can do a bit more when you link it to a home automation system.

Home automation hub required: HomeLink® compatible, works with the in-vehicle remote control system built into most cars.

Compatible apps: MyQ app is available on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Compatible devices: You can operate this with your Android and Apple devices (including Apple watch), but you also get 2 3-button remotes, keypad entry, and it works with HomeLink.

Geofencing: Once you connect to a system like IFTTT, then geofencing is totally possible. But, it’s also got the Homelink connection and the TriBand™ technology allows the remote to work to 1,500 feet away.

Number of users: Just 3 – ouch. There are account holder, home occupant, and guest levels available. And, we need to mention that this is actually a step up. Multiple users weren’t permitted in the past.

Video capability: Directly, no, but technically yes. You’ll need to connect your MyQ to your other home devices to make it happen though.

Additional features: Works even when the power goes out. It’s super quiet, eliminating that awful garage door opening sound. Automatic lighting when sensors are activated. You can also schedule opening and closing times (for the garage door as well as the lights).

Alerts: It depends on what systems you link to (perhaps an IFTTT recipe to alert you after a certain number of minutes). But, you can always check on the app and close or open your garage door from anywhere.

Installation: This is a full garage door opener with belt, so don’t expect it to be among the easiest Smart garage door openers on the list. But, you do have the option of paying for installation on delivery.

What’s included in starter pack: Garage Door Opener, 7 FT Rail Kit, Multi-Function Wall Control, Two 3 Button Remotes Transmitters, Keyless Entry Keypad, Safety Sensors

What else will you need: Nothing, as long as you only need a single garage door opener.

Costs and warranties: It’s $230 for the unit – though you may want to add the $185 for professional installation. And, if you want to integrate with those other systems, you’ll need to fork out an additional $1/month (or $10/year) to make that happen. If you’re interested, Amazon offers a 2-year and a 4-year protection plan. Warranties include a lifetime for the motor and belt, 5 years on parts, and 1 year on accessories.

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers


Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers: Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio
82 % Editor Score
87 % User Score
460 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Delicious, high quality assortment of coffee
  • Three gourmet blends made using top-notch international products
  • A beautiful, classy little gift!

Includes three delicious coffee blends, comes in a beautiful gift box, features high quality coffee sourced from around the world, sustainable and a free trade product.

Pricier than your average coffee (but way better tasting!).

Why They'll Love It: If your father or mother-in-law are coffee snobs, this is the gift sure to impress. The little gift box contains three Stumptown coffee blends--the Hair Bender roast, the Holler Mounter roast, and the House Blend roast—each made from high-quality beans sourced from the best coffee-growing countries around the world. Stumptown uses organic, sustainable products and encourages the growth of small-time coffee growers, making it an eco-friendly and free trade product. For quality coffee, this is definitely your top pick!

Price: At $35 for a 3-pack of ½ pound bags, this is slightly on the pricey side, but definitely worth it for those who value quality and sustainability.

Best Christmas Gift for History Buffs


23andMe DNA Test

Best Christmas Gift for History Buffs: 23andMe DNA Test
91 % Editor Score
87 % User Score
607 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A great gift for those who love history or genetics
  • Find out who you're related to anywhere in the world
  • Trace your ancestry back to important figures in history

Complete ancestry breakdown, find new relatives around the world, easy to use, ready in 6-8 weeks, optional health reports included, trace your ancestry to historic individuals, and share and compare your results.

Not totally foolproof, plus some home kits don't work.

Why They'll Love It: For those curious about their family history, this is a wonderful gift! All they'll need to do is collect a saliva sample (easy and painless), insert it into the provided packet, and mail it to the lab to be analyzed. 6-8 weeks later, they'll receive a detailed report of their genetic makeup from the 31 populations around the world. They may even be able to trace their family history back to important historical figures, and it's possible to find relatives you didn't know you had.

Price: At $80, this is a well-priced gift that will give them an insight into their family history. A few dollars for a glimpse into yesteryear—absolutely worth it!

Best Doorbell Camera for Video Quality


August Video Doorbell Cam 2nd Gen

Best Doorbell Camera for Video Quality: August Video Doorbell Cam 2nd Gen
85 % Editor Score
91 % User Score
496 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Great camera/video picture quality, true colors
  • Installation takes a few minutes; app is beautifully easy to use
  • Doorbell has few of the glitches/bugs of other Wi-Fi doorbells

Offers live streaming, excellent video quality and resolution. The smarphone app is very user-friendly and will send you alerts/notifications when someone is at your door. Now compatible with Alexa.

Shape is over-large and awkward.

Expert Ratings


9.0 / 10

This video doorbell has most of the bells and whistles you'd expect: 1280 x 960 HD video camera, alerts and notifications sent to your smartphone any time someone rings the bell, real-time view of outside your front door, and a beautiful video feed. Now, thanks to the integrated motion detection software, the doorbell will actually begin recording the moments leading up to when visitors press your doorbell. The Basic Video Recording subscription is totally free and allows you to re-watch the last 24 hours of footage at any time. For longer-term storage, however, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

Note: If you've already got the August Smart Lock, this video doorbell is easily connected to the lock for a fully integrated front door security system!

The odd shape and size (2.9" x 2.9")of the lock can make it a challenge to fit on your door, but installation is a breeze. It's easily mounted and ready to go, provided you can find the right place for it.

The doorbell is now compatible with Alexa, which allows you to use it as an intercom for two-way talk with whoever is outside. Talk about making it easier to answer your door! 


8.5 / 10

This is one area where the August video doorbell excels. The video feed is clear, sharp, and has far less lag than other competing models (such as the Ring). The video is still full-color HD even at night, with high quality night vision recording that makes it easy to see who's outside. There's even a built-in floodlight that will light up the visitors' faces so the doorbell can record them clearly.

You'll find that the app is incredibly user-friendly, designed to make it as easy as possible to answer your front door. Few other video doorbell apps can match this one. Set-up of the app has been known to be buggy, but once it's running it's mostly problem-free. Anytime someone comes to your door, you'll get notifications via the app in real time.

On the downside, there is no battery back-up. If the electricity cuts, the hard-wired doorbell will shut off.


8.0 / 10

Expect to pay around $200 for this smart doorbell--a hefty price tag for some, considering the device's problems. However, if you have already installed the August smart lock, it's the perfect addition to your front door security system.

Overall Editor Score

8.5 / 10

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Lovers


Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Lovers: Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker
86 % Editor Score
89 % User Score
434 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A simple, affordable way to make cold-brew coffee at home
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable, lightweight, and user-friendly design

Produces delicious cold-brewed coffee, easy to use, inexpensive, brews 41 ounces of coffee, convenient no-mess spout, ergonomic handle, BPA-free filter, removable filter for easy cleaning, durable glass, lightweight, and compact.

The lid is not watertight, unfortunately, so your coffee may spill.

Why They'll Love It: For a coffee-loving father or mother-in-law, this gift is guaranteed to be a hit! The little cold-brew coffee maker will allow them to brew up to 41 ounces (5 cups) of coffee at once. The nylon mesh filter is made using BPA-free plastic, and it will prevent any coffee grounds from leaking into their fresh brew.

The pitcher is made of heavy-duty borosilicate glass that is both durable and shatterproof. They will love how compact and lightweight this pitcher is, and how easy it is to brew up a batch of cold-brew coffee!

Price: At $20, this is a well-priced coffee maker, one they'll be happy to use regularly to produce delicious cold-brew coffee.

Best Christmas Gift for Sweets Fiends


Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Ball Gift Box

Best Christmas Gift for Sweets Fiends: Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Ball Gift Box
82 % Editor Score
90 % User Score
1,033 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A delicious little gift box of elegant chocolates
  • Bourbon-filled treats an absolute palate-pleaser
  • Great packaging—makes a gorgeous gift

Elegant and luxurious Bourbon-filled chocolates, great for chocolate lovers, decadent confections, comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box, and made with premium ingredients.


Why They'll Love It: For that mother-in-law who loves sweets, this elegant gift box of premium chocolates is guaranteed to impress. The chocolates are made using premium-quality milk and cream, filled with an award-winning bourbon.  For those with a sweet tooth, they will be utterly satisfied after every bite of these amazingly luxurious and decadent treats.

Price: At just over $18 for a box of nine chocolates, these are definitely on the pricier side. However, the elegant gift wrapping and the palate-delighting flavors make it a one-time expense worth considering if you really want to impress.

Best Dress Socks


Tommy John Solid Stay-Up Dress Sock

Best Dress Socks: Tommy John Solid Stay-Up Dress Sock
87 % Editor Score
91 % User Score
637 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Super soft, comfortable, and breathable
  • Fit like a glove, “make you forget you’re wearing socks”
  • Stylish, look good in your dress shoes

These socks are designed for all-day use, and they’ll keep you dry and cool in your dress shoes. The built-in cushioning is super comfortable, adds durability, and enhances joint support. They even come with light compression to improve blood flow.

Despite their name, they don’t always stay up, but may slip down.

Expert Ratings


9.0 / 10

These calf-high socks are designed to be the perfect solution for a stylish businessman. They are designed to be no-slip socks that stay in place all day, and the InvisiGrip Technology will keep them firmly gripping your calf. However, if you get too active, they may slip down and need readjusting.

If you want comfort, you’ll definitely love these bad boys. They’re lightweight enough you’ll forget you’re wearing socks, and the zoned ventilation will keep your feet dry and cool all day long. There’s even built-in cushioning to keep your feet padded and add joint support. With their lightweight compression, they’ll enhance blood flow to your feet and legs.


9.0 / 10

The socks are a mix of 65% Pima cotton, 32% nylon, and 3% spandex. This makes them lightweight and fairly durable, though some users say that the socks are too light. Their elasticity is excellent, and they’ll slip on and off with ease.

They won’t wear out in the wash, and though they’re a tad on the pricier side, there’s no questioning their durability. Definitely a pair of socks you want to own!


8.0 / 10

$16 for a single pair of socks is pricey, especially if you need to buy 5 pairs of socks (one per day of the week). But when you feel their supreme comfort, breathability, and light weight, you’ll never regret the purchase!

Overall Editor Score

8.7 / 10

Best Christmas Gift for a Beautiful Home


NEST Fragrances Luxury Mini Votive Candle Set

Best Christmas Gift for a Beautiful Home: NEST Fragrances Luxury Mini Votive Candle Set
88 % Editor Score
92 % User Score
851 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Beautiful, delightfully-scented candles
  • Six wonderful scents to choose from
  • Candles come in a luxurious gift box

This elegant Yankee candle gift set is traditional enough for parents, yet luxurious enough to give as gift. Includes six candles, beautiful scents, compact candles, beautiful gift box, 3-4 hour burn time per candle, and premium cosmetic-grade wax.

Slightly on the pricey side.

Why They'll Love It: For a mother-in-law who loves candles, this is the gift she'll adore. The votive candle pack includes six small candles, each with a burn time of 3-4 hours. The scents are absolutely delightful: Sicilian tangerine, ocean mist, bamboo, grapefruit, cedar leaf & lavender, and sea salt. The candles all come packaged in an elegant, soft-touch gift box, and the entire candle set will be an elegant little Christmas gift she will be sure to use regularly.

Price: At $42 for a pack of 6 miniature candles, this is definitely on the pricier side. However, once she discovers how lovely these candles smell, and you see the smile on her face, you'll know you made the right decision!

Best Christmas Gift for a Complete Kitchen


Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes

Best Christmas Gift for a Complete Kitchen: Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes
89 % Editor Score
93 % User Score
478 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Great for making soups, stews, quiche, fruit tarts, and many more dishes
  • Highly effective for making desserts and savory dishes in small quantities
  • Durable, reliable cookware that will last for years to come

Adorable little miniature casserole dishes, durable, includes accompanying cookbook, secure-fitting lids, non-porous enamel finish, odor resistant, won't chip or crack with regular use, and made from high-fired stoneware.

Bulky to store and can't be stacked.

Why They'll Love It: If your in-laws want to add elegant cookware to their kitchen, this is the gift guaranteed to put a smile on their face. The mini cocottes are perfect for making casseroles, soups, stews, quiches, pies, molten chocolate cakes, and so many other types of dishes in the oven or on the stove. The non-porous enamel finish will resist stains and stop the pots from absorbing flavors, and the high-fired stoneware is both microwave and oven-safe and resistant to damage.

Price: At $100 for the 4-piece set, it's slightly pricey, but definitely worth it for high quality cookware that can be used for so many different types of dishes.

Best Christmas Gift for Whiskey Lovers


Quiseen Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones

Best Christmas Gift for Whiskey Lovers: Quiseen Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones
78 % Editor Score
94 % User Score
873 Bought

Why People Love it

  • No mess, EVER!
  • Keeps drinks chill without watering down the liquor
  • Perfect for Scotch, vodka, rum, and other hard liquors

Good quality stones, chill drinks without watering them down, easily stored in freezer, reusable, made from natural soapstone, and suitable for any cocktail or beverage.

Doesn't make the drink ICE cold.

Why They'll Love It: For your Scotch-loving father in law, this is the gift of choice! Quiseen chilling stones bring drinks to the perfect drinking temperature every time. Ice cubes eventually dilute drinks, diminishing the unique characteristics of any liquor such as fragrance and taste. Unlike ordinary ice cubes, these chilling stones won't water drinks down, and they stay cooler longer. They allow your father-in-law to enjoy the perfect drink, at the perfect temperature, every time.

Price: At $9, this is a very well-priced gift! It won't make drinks icy cold like proper ice, but it will keep a good Scotch or whiskey chilled enough for your father-in-law to enjoy.

Best Christmas Gift for Hot Cocoa Drinkers


Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Best Christmas Gift for Hot Cocoa Drinkers: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set
93 % Editor Score
95 % User Score
636 Bought

Why People Love it

  • The perfect mixed pack of hot cocoa flavors
  • Rich, delicious, and luxurious flavor assortment
  • Great value for the price

Absolutely delicious, 20-pack with five assorted flavors, a simple gift suitable for anyone, inexpensive, and easy to prepare in minutes.

Some users reported the box arrived with cocoa powder scattered around the inside.

Why They'll Love It: Perfectly seasonal, the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Gift Set comes with everything needed to make the ultimate cup of hot cocoa. The gift set comes with five different types of hot chocolate mix packs: dark chocolate, mint chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel cream, and French vanilla. With four packs of each variety, it's enough to keep a smile on their faces all winter long!

Price: At $18 for a 20-pack, you're paying less than $1 per cup. With the wonderful flavors of Swiss Miss, you can't go wrong with this holiday gift for your hot cocoa-loving in-laws.

Best Keurig Coffee Maker Overall


Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker

Best Keurig Coffee Maker Overall: Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker
95 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
315 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A simple coffee maker that anyone can use
  • Includes the basic bells and whistles
  • Can be used with ground coffee and reusable filters

A simple and easy to use Keurig coffee maker that has the basic bells and whistles. A good coffee maker at a great price. The Keurig K55 is for anyone, really. But, mostly for the simple coffee drinker. For those who want a simple coffee maker that brews a perfect cup every time, you'll love the K55.

The dimensions of the Keurig K55 are large and will take up a good amount of space on your counter.

Expert Ratings


9.4 / 10

If you are someone who is always on the go, you'll appreciate the less than a minute brew time. The K55 takes 30 seconds to heat up, and 30 seconds to brew. Now, that's impressive. As a bonus, it has an auto-off feature. So, if you forget to turn the machine off, it will do so automatically after two hours. 


9.5 / 10

The dimensions of this coffee maker are 13.3" high, 10.1" wide, and 13.2" deep which will definitely take up a good amount of space on your counter. The benefit though is the 48-ounce removable water reservoir, which allows you to have six cups before refilling. As far as cup sizes, this maker features the three most popular: 6-ounce, 8-ounce, and 10-ounce. And, not to worry, there are three clearly labeled buttons to help you choose. 

What sets this maker apart from the rest is the option to use reusable coffee filters with ground coffee. Many Keurig machines have a k-cup reader, so you can't use your own beans. This coffee maker comes in black, silver, patriot blue, and rhubarb. 


9.7 / 10

At $99, this is one of the best-priced Keurig coffee makers out there. And, it often goes on sale for an even lower price.

Included with the K55 is a variety pack of 4 k-cup pods, a water filter handle, and two water filters. It's definitely the best bang for your buck.

Overall Editor Score

9.5 / 10

Best Christmas Gift for Shutterbugs


NIX 8-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

Best Christmas Gift for Shutterbugs: NIX 8-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor
98 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
1,246 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Display all their favorite photos in one place
  • User-friendly; switches on and off thanks to motion sensor
  • Holds thousands of photos and hours of video

Large HD screen, LED lighting, built-in motion sensor, compatible with photos and videos, user-friendly interface, easy to add/remove photos, and excellent customer service.

Doesn't work well with iPhone/smartphone pictures.

Why They'll Love It: Give your in-laws the gift of memories! The digital picture frame has a motion detector that activates as they near the frame, displaying their favorite pictures of their daughter and grandkids, but shuts off when they are away to save power. The frame features high quality IPS LED backlighting with 800 x 600 pixels and a High-Resolution Panel with LED backlight, along with a surprisingly broad range of image and video playback options. Media is easily added with a USB drive, making it easy for them to add and remove photos.

Price: Starting at $70, this is slightly on the pricier side of digital photo frames, but a gift worth giving for the in-laws who love keeping photographs of their grandkids.

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife who is Tired of Housework


iRobot Roomba 675 Automatic Vacuum w/ Alexa

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife who is Tired of Housework: iRobot Roomba 675 Automatic Vacuum w/ Alexa
92 % Editor Score
89 % User Score
1,212 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Powerful automatic cleaner
  • Easy robotic navigation
  • Simple maintenance

Although this isn't the newest robovac on the market, it is still a crowd favorite. This vac provides a powerful clean while navigating easily through any interior.

The biggest complaint about this robotic vacuum is the price. There are well reviewed cheaper alternatives.

Features: These days, there's almost no reason to vacuum. It's not that dirt, dust, and dog hair have gone away; it's the prevalence of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. If your wife doesn't have one yet, you can bet she wants one. And, she probably wants this one. 

The Roomba 675 uses a three-stage cleaning process and can be scheduled to get out there without any extra work for your wife (or you) - up to seven days a week. Now, it is a little on the expensive side, but it's worth every penny.  Of course, you could always invest in a maid service (she will really enjoy that)! 

Price: This cost around $270, but its well worth the investment.

Best Christmas Gift for TV Addicts


Netflix $30 Gift Card

Best Christmas Gift for TV Addicts: Netflix $30 Gift Card
100 % Editor Score
98 % User Score
287 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Great for watching all their favorite TV shows and movies
  • Excellent value, far cheaper than cable TV
  • User-friendly interface for streaming and DVR

Quality movies and TV streamed straight to their computer, broadest selection available, great for mobile devices, HD quality content, commercial-free options, and user-friendly interface.

Pricier than Hulu and other streaming services.

Why They'll Love It: For TV and movie lovers, Netflix is the perfect gift! It allows users to stream their favorite shows on a TV, phone, tablet, or PC. Shows are constantly updated as they come out, allowing users to watch the latest episodes from the comfort of their bed or on the go. Not only are the latest shows and movies available, but Netflix makes an effort to feature classic TV shows that may be hard to find elsewhere. It's easy to use, offers a broad array of quality content, and will allow your in-laws to DVR all the TV shows and movies they want.

Price: This $30 gift card will cover three months of subscription for your in-laws, allowing them to get a taste of what Netflix has to offer. If you really want to go big, buy a few of them for a full year of Netflix subscriptions!

Best Christmas Gift for Home Chefs


Simply Organic Gourmet Top 24 Spices Set

Best Christmas Gift for Home Chefs: Simply Organic Gourmet Top 24 Spices Set
100 % Editor Score
99 % User Score
932 Bought

Why People Love it

  • All the spices they could want in one simple set
  • Perfect for those who love international cuisine
  • Great collection; good selection of spices

Gift set containing assortment of 24 spices, USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Gluten-free, and every spice anyone could possibly need for a broad range of meals.

Bottles are smaller than expected.

Why They'll Love It: For in-laws who love to grill, cook, or experiment with different cuisines, this is the gift they'll love. The 24-bottle set comes with everything they could want—from chili powder to white pepper to coriander to dill to turmeric to poppy seed to ginger. Not only do they get the typical spices, but there are a few unique ones that are perfect for adding flavor to international cuisine. For the more adventurous palate, these bottles of USDA-Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher spices are an excellent gift.

Price: At close to $140 for the 24-spice gift set, there's no doubt that this is a pricey gift. You can find all the spices for less individually. However, it's worth getting this so your in-laws will have a complete, matching set of all the spices they could want.

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