Gaiam Athletic Yoga & Pilates Series 2gripMAT Xtra-Large Thick Mat

Best Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat Reviewed for Tall Men & Women

Why people love it
  • Added dimensions (10 inches longer, 2 inches wider) make it perfect for tall men
  • Superior traction and stickiness due to it's thickness
  • Good balance and stability

Gets dirty very easily, hard to keep clean



For those who need a bit more space for their practice, this extra-wide and extra-long thick option is the perfect purchase! You have more room to move around and flow in comfort. The top layer is highly absorbent, reducing your risk of slipping while sweating heavily. With the PVC backing, you never slip on the floor.


The surface is thick enough to offer heavier men cushioning, but not so thick that it affects stability. The grip actually improves when it gets wet, offering better traction while sweating heavily in downward-facing poses. The extra size makes it a bit heavy, but it's worth carrying around if you need something to handle a more active practice. Just remember: the sweat-absorbing material needs a lot of washing to keep clean.


This thick option will run you roughly $75, making it a very pricey investment. However, for extra tall practitioners, it's worth it for the extra space, top-notch durability, and above-average wet traction.

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