Best Low-Priced, Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat for Heavy Men & Women

Yoga & Pilates Accessories ¼" Extra Thick Deluxe Mat
  • Extra thick; perfect for heavier practitioners who need added cushioning
  • Made from highly durable material; lasts a long time
  • Solid traction and stability
  • Fairly cheap option
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Offers wonderful cushioning, is comfortable on your joints, long-lasting, and is larger than average

Smells bad until broken in



This thick option for heavier men is made from latex, a far more durable, long-lasting material that is also fully natural. It's made without phthalates or heavy metals. While a bit heavy (3.6 pounds), it's a very solid, durable choice that is longer and wider than average--a good option for taller practitioners. The chemical smell will dissipate after a few uses, but will feel comfortable for years to come.


Offers average traction and stickiness, but it's best of the best in terms of cushioning. At ¼" thick, it's great for men who need a bit more cushioning for their joints. It may take time to get used to the stability poses on the extra-thick mats, but you'll find the sessions are much easier on your wrists, ankles, elbows, and knees thanks to the added comfort. It's easy to clean, even after heavy sweating. This thicker option will stay firmly in place on the floor, and there's no risk of slipping.


At $21, it's one of the best-priced cheap mats on this list. It's designed to last for years of regular practice, and the extra thickness will prevent it from being worn down with regular use. If you're above-average weight, this is the option for you!


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