SleepytimePjs Footie Pajamas

Best Footie Pajamas for Women

Why people love it
  • Full-body coverage
  • Detachable feet
  • Soft fleece fabric

Available in children’s sizes as well as adult sizes, so you can match with your kiddos. Includes spacious kangaroo pockets.

Some women complain the feet are too tight. Luckily, the feet are removable, so you can take them off if they bother you.


Fit: Relive fond childhood memories in these footie pajamas that keep you cozy from head to toe-sie. Alright, alright...we’ll stop with the made-up words. But seriously, these footie pajamas are super comfy...and apparently they’re not just for lounging. Tyler Posey donned a pair of footie PJs at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year, so now we’re wondering if we can get away with rocking our own pair at the grocery store.

Fabric: SleepytimePjs footie pajamas are made from soft, durable fleece. Fleece traps heat, so these PJs are ideal for ladies who need head-to-toe warmth.

Maintenance: These jammies are safe for the washing machine, so you can clean them in a jiffy. Just make sure to dry these fleece pajamas on low so you don’t shrink them.

Price: These pajamas range from $35 to $70. The durable fleece withstands frequent wear and tear easily, so we’re okay with the hefty price tag.

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