7 Best Foot Creams

7 Best Foot Creams

After 17 hours of research evaluating 61 products, we picked O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream as our top choice.

Your feet take a beating just about every day of your life. Even if you’re sitting behind a desk, there’s a good chance you’ve crammed your pigs into a pair of tight shoes without a lot of wiggle room (if any). And that’s if you’re going easy on your feet…

There are plenty of factors that cause dry cracked feet. There are environmental factors (think hot deserts and freezing winters), medical concerns (diabetes causes serious foot troubles, as do cancer treatments), your food and beverage intake (perhaps you’re dehydrated all over), and of course, there’s the day-to-day strain of walking and standing.

If your feet are dry, cracked, painful, itchy, peeling, or otherwise irritated, you are far from alone.

So what are you going to do about it?

You can leave your dry cracked feet to fester, if you like. And, we mean that word literally as those cracks in your heels make your feet susceptible to fungus infections, Athlete’s Foot, and many other nasties.

We’re guessing that you’re more likely to get yourself one of the best foot creams available to clear the problem. You know, so you can ask for a foot rub from your partner without feeling ashamed. And we don’t blame you; we had an amazing time testing these foot creams and we think you’ll find your next lifesaver right here.