6 Best Fitness Activity Tracker Band, Bracelet & Watch Reviews

6 Best Fitness Activity Tracker Band, Bracelet & Watch Reviews

Keeping up with physical activity efforts is never easy. Going to the gym and watching what you eat is hard work, and weight loss takes weeks, months, even years to see real progress. After a while, it's easy to get discouraged with the lack of results, causing us to relax in our efforts or give up entirely. Hello weight gain and reduced fitness…

Activity trackering bands now make it easy to stay on top of your health and weight loss goals.  According to the University of Harvard, using activity trackering bracelets helps to increase physical activity. The tracking device keeps you conscientious and reminds you of the importance or working out. The truth is that self-monitoring is the key to better health--or so says the journal Explore. By using a tracking device, you can force yourself to stay faithful with your exercise. Every time you see or feel the tracker on your wrist, or hear the beep on your phone, you'll be reminded to work out.

But with so many band and bracelet trackering devices on the market, how to determine the best one for you? We've done extensive research on hundreds of trackering machines, reading through thousands of product and user reviews on all the popular models--and even a few of the less well-known ones. We compared pros and cons, features, specifications, compatibility, and many more factors. Our research has led us to conclude that the FitBit Blaze is the best fitness tracking device overall. Given its reliability and feature-rich design, it will definitely get the job done!

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