6 Best Face Powders

6 Best Face Powders


After 22 hours of research evaluating 156 products, we picked Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder as our top choice.

Ever wonder why your makeup suddenly comes off right around 2pm? Well, you can blame oil for that. 

According to dermatologist Leslie Baumann, everyone’s skin produces oil, some skin types naturally produce more than others.

Many factors influence oil production. Genetics, hormones, stress, diet, time of day and climate all contribute. The good news is, by investing in a good setting powder, your makeup can last all day. 

Here's what we mean:

A top-notch translucent powder can make foundation last for hours. The powder formula works to absorb excess oil, eliminating shine so your makeup stays put.

The best face powder can also minimize fine lines by essentially filling them in and preventing foundation from settling into the creases.

Want to know the best part?

To make your life easier, we spent hours researching setting powders for your skin. And, we created a list of the 6 best ones out there.

We've tested them all, from translucent powders to full-coverage pressed formulas. Whether you want your powder to set your foundation, bake your concealer, or mattify your t-zone. Finally, you can say goodbye to shine. 

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.