5 Best Essential Oil Brands You Can Trust

5 Best Essential Oil Brands You Can Trust


After 26 hours of research evaluating 34 products, we picked Rocky Mountain as our top choice.

Essential oils come with endless benefits. For many people, they are a necessary part of a healthy self-care routine. Essential oils can help bring various positive changes to one’s lifestyle. They can reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, the oils can relieve menstrual cramps, shorten cold, and boost mood. Thus, these oils are the solution to many common health issues. 

Although these plants extracts include powerful properties, it is crucial to handle these oils with great care. For instance, you must dilute them with carrier oils before applying them to your skin. Using them in correct way is one way to make the most of their therapeutic effects. 

The increasing number of new brands has made users somewhat doubtful. Many new essential oils’ brands offer lower prices to take advantage of customers. To make more money, they make essential oils using synthetic compounds and formulas. These fake essential oils are not only of low quality but harmful to your health as well.

We have researched and tested the most popular essential oil brands available in the market based on quality standard, purity, company’s sustainability, and pricing of the oils. We also compiled the best essential oils for your every need. As a consumer, you want to evaluate these metrics to ensure that your purchased oil is from a trusted and safe brand.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommmend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Top Essential Oil Brands You Can Trust

  • 5. WoodLot
  • 4. Revive Essential Oils
  • 3. Now Essential Oils
  • 2. doTerra
  • 1. Rocky Mountain


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WoodLot is a premium lifestyle brand based in Vancouver, Canada. The brand produces a range of essential oils. It has several other beauty and health products. It uses different handcrafted and traditional manufacturing methods.

All WoodLot products use ethically sourced ingredients. WoodLot is in the list of top picks because its standard quality. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality.

The purity of WoodLot’s essential oils is hard to test as the brand only produces pre-mixed and blends. Yet, the quality standard is beyond doubt. The prices of this essential oil brand are low. They craft all products with flawless quality. 


Revive Essential Oils

Revive Essential Oils
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82 % User Score

Revive is a new brand in the market. It is already raging in popularity due to its remarkable results. The essential pre-mixed blends and oils can work wonders. The oils are great for alleviating sleeping problems, anxiety, and stomach aches

Revive gets all its products from well-acquainted distillers, farmers, and producers. Moreover, consumers can access GC/MS results of Revives’ essential oils on the website. Active customer service, fair price range, and high-quality products are its ideal features. This brand is an absolute consumer favorite. 


Now Essential Oils

Now Essential Oils
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88 % Editor Score
87 % User Score

NOW is the leading essential oil brand in the world. The brand is popular for producing pure, high-quality, and beneficial essential oils. The brand employs all GMP practices in its production processes. It ensures that each product is free of cheap and synthetic compounds. 

When it is about quality control and purity, NOW uses extensive resources. It only buys the finest materials. From cold press extraction to steam distillation NOW uses high-quality production methods. The brand maintains quality assurance of its essential oils. It employs gas chromatography test and following the industry standards.

NOW has got essential oils for everything. You can get niche fragrances such as juniper berry and products like eucalyptus at Now.

Also, the brand manufactures many pre-blended essential oils and USDA certified oils. The premium quality and purity makes the products a little more expensive. That means its competitors have higher prices. But it is a brand that gives you guaranteed results. 



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doTerra  is a venture by Young Living’s (an essential oil company) senior manager. Founded in 2008, the essential oil brand not only provides high-quality products to consumers but also educates them about several benefits of therapeutic oils. 

The brand aims to promote a wellness way of lifestyle. doTerra works with a team of experts that ensures each product is FTIR and GCMS  identified. Plus, the team tests the physical parameters to determine the quality and purity of essential oils. The brand also conducts CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocol) to confirm that there are no impurities in oils. 

doTerra has a comparatively higher price as it uses only high-quality ingredients. 


Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain
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96 % User Score

Rocky Mountain Oils is a unique and reliable company. The brand purchases their essential oils in large stocks. It doesn't extract the oils itself. The essential oil brand focuses on the purity and quality of the essential oils it purchases. Plus, you can access the results of their testing on their site for all products they sell. The US-based company has the standard quality metrics and testing systems. The company performs gas chromatography tests. Also it ensure the high quality of their essential oils. Rocky Mountain has a wide range of essential oils. It also keeps the cost affordable for its consumers. Its USDA organic range of oils is among the best options you can buy. 

Top Essential Oil Tips

Key Factors to Evaluate the Brands Essential Oils

Essential oils are a blend of strong hydrophobic compounds. The oils include plant extracts and other volatile oils. Besides plant extracts or essence, the oils contain many relevant and healing compounds. 

As mentioned above, checking brands is important to buy best quality essential oils. Here are some metrics that you must take into account before investing in them.

  • Quality and Control 

You cannot overlook a quality control system to assess essential oil manufacturing. The brands need reliable quality assurance in place at different manufacturing points. Keeping it in check ensures that the final product is of high quality. 

So what are the components you must check when buying essential oils?

Begin with the quality of ingredients used in essential oils. Raw ingredients refer to the plant source, harvesting place, and the method used to grow them. All these things have a considerable effect on the final product’s quality. Look for the plant’s species, and its Latin name. Learn which part of the plant, such as twigs and needles, brands use to make their oils.

Buy essential oils that have plant extracts sourced from their native areas. Use the provided manufacture’s contact and labels to find the plant source.

  • Brand Verification

To make sure that a brand is not using cheap compounds to reduce the product cost, you must verify what they claim. 

A renowned brand is always transparent about everything they use in their products. A genuine brand backs up the claims with third-party tests and verification. Brand verification tests show that essential oil brands use acceptable quality processes. Look for two main tests, including chromatography and mass spectrometer test. Check the information like: 

  • Type of test
  • Regularity of testing 
  • Results of tests

Chirality tests are a good metric to assess the quality and purity of essential oil brands. It identifies the presence of cheap and artificial preservatives in oils. Paper and smell tests are also good ways to check the purity of the oils. If your selected oil does not have an aroma like you think it should have, consider replacing it. It might not be as pure as the brand claimed.

GMP is a “Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate”. It is a standard system that can ensure the quality of products. The FDA had set this system for manufacturers to follow guidelines. 

The brand must have a GMP certificate to prove that they keep hygiene, sanitation and, SOPs in place. The guidelines are also for process validation, equipment verification, and complaint handling.

Cruelty-free and Fair Trade are some sustainability certifications. They must check if a brand makes claims for trustworthy sustainability practices.

  • Pricing

Price is one of the most important talking points when you buy essential oils. Mostly large brands are of higher quality ingredients, sources, processes, and storage. Some small companies produce high-quality products. 

That is why it is crucial that you take other metrics into account when assessing the quality. That is if you are buying a cheaper brand. Otherwise, you will end up buying a weak and low-quality product.

What's the bottom line?

There are tons of essential oil brands trying to make their place in this booming market. But some companies are cutting corners to save costs. This involves using synthetic compounds, diluting oils that may produce harmful side effects. 

That is why choosing a trusted brand of essential oil is important. Consider quality assurance, purity, pricing and brand verification before buying the product. 

The given options, in this regard, are some of the renowned brands of essential oils industry. Their products are reliable as they use high-grade quality measures. Also they test their products before dispatching in markets.

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