Why people love it
  • Fastest motor (14,000 CPM) on the market delivers extra-fast shaving
  • Incredibly close shave (rivaling our top pick)
  • User-friendly and very easy to clean

Extra-powerful Panasonic motor and 4 cutting blades slice through all hair; delivers close shave, easy to clean.

Bulky and unwieldy; Reviews say Panasonic LED display tends to malfunction.


Performance: This Panasonic model delivers one of the closest shaves on the market, particularly on light, thin beards. The extra-large Panasonic head covers more skin at once. It's a Wet/Dry razor that you can use in the shower or in your car, though it performs best with shaving cream or water. The four Panosonic Nanotech blades hold their edge very well, and the Multi-Flex pivoting head delivers a faster, more accurate shave than any shaver around. It slices the hair around your chin and jawline with terrible efficiency.

Operation: This is a fairly quiet Panosonic model despite its high-powered motor. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to adjust the angle of the blades for a closer shave on all the contours of your face. The battery life is one of the best on the list--up to 45 minutes per 1-hour charge. It runs on full power until the battery gives out, so no tugging or pulling on low charge.

Features: The "Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode" auto-cleans the machine efficiently (after you remove the foil). There's no need to waste money on cleaning cartridges. It comes with only a cord (no charging station) and a travel case for your convenience. The LED indicator lets you know when it's charged, but the charge light is very bright at night.

Price: For $100, this is a quality Panasonic razor at a slightly high price. Replacement cartridge heads are very pricey--close to $50 per head. However, for the closeness of the shave and the reliability, it's worth it.

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