7 Best Electric Bikes

7 Best Electric Bikes

Gone are the days when riding your bike to school or work (up hill both ways, mind you) was a challenge. And no, we're not talking about 10-speeds. What century do you live in?

It's all about the electric bike now. And, you can get one that will take you anywhere. No matter what type of terrain you cross, there is a bike for you. Promise.

Choose between a standard ebike or opt for an ecobike - and if you want to call yours a pedelec, by all means... Of course, if you're more of a scooters guy, you'll be looking for a few additional features.

Some electric bikes have enough battery capacity and power to take you up to 50 miles or more. You'll feel super good about the ride to work; you know, saving money and the environment. And, many electric bikes are capable of reaching 20+ mph - that can drastically cut the time it takes to arrive at your destination.

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