These earbuds are super powerful given the price. And there are a lot of reasons to consider them.

  • Bass-driven stereo sound; 16-ohm impedance great for phones
  • Snag a two year warranty, plus a carrying pouch
  • Longtime favorites continue to pump out warm audio w/strong but not overpowering bass

What Reviewers Say:

With a perfectly respectable Amazon score, you can expect to read a lot of comments like this:

  • I will start with saying that I love headphone/earbuds, and I am on a life-long quest to find great sound. Actualy, sometimes I feel it is more like an addiction (like buying a new set of cans at 2:30 in the morning because I cant sleep). It is not realistic to say that these little buds are the Be all End all of pristine and perfect sound quality that people spend beacoup bucks trying to find. Not everyone is crazy like me and willing to spend $400-$800 on a set of buds or cans that will bring ever so slightly supperior sound quality. So unless you are me and have a need to stick anything that claims to be high quality in or on your ears, and you are just looking for a fantastic sound at an unbelieveable price - GET THESE!!!
  • these were my first pair of higher quality headphones ever. I bought them about 4 years ago. I paid $50 for them. After hearing how awesome the sound was, I thought to myself "if these were only $50, I wonder how great the sound would be if I spent $150 or $300." And so I did....I bought the Sennheiser 595's (GREAT cans), I got the Monster Turbines, I got the Shur SLC2, I got the Sennheiser PX200's, and I got two other kinds of sennheiser earbuds which I ended up giving away to my girlfriend and brother. Don't get me wrong, all of these new headphones I experimented with were great. But I can honestly say that these are STILL my favorite all-around headphones. Matter of fact I am bumping some Radiohead in them right now. They are awesome for all kinds of music - incredibly balanced bass, superior sound quality, awesome noise reduction, everything you could possibly want. hip hop, classic rock, soul, jazz, blues, electronic are the styles of music I listen to most - great for all.
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