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It's difficult to find an inexpensive set of headphones that do the job. These are one of few.

  • Ergofit design & 3 pairs of earbuds makes these super comfortable
  • Available in five colors with color-matched cords & inline mic
  • Delivers a mellow and even sound – no muddy or piercing distortion

What Reviewers Say:

With 4.4 stars, you can bet that people have good things to say about them.

  • The Wirecutter called these the best headphones under $30 (Nov 2013), and they were not kidding. These are the most comfortable earbuds I have ever tried, they stay put during activity, and the sound is clear and full.
  • These earphones are great IEM's especially for their price. The sound on these little things are spectacular compared to other earphones in, and above their price range. They fit extremely comfortably in your ears. They do not protrude from your ears, which is good if you like to listen to music in bed.
  • These are hands down the best earbuds I have EVER heard under $100!! I own a pair of Shure-215 earbuds that cost me $125. The Panasonics sound 80% as good as them at 10% of the cost!!! Unbelievable :)

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