5 Best Ear plugs

5 Best Ear plugs

After 12 hours of research evaluating 35 products, we picked Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs as our top choice.

You might be surprised by what kinds of noises can result in hearing loss. According to the CDC, it’s not just loud concerts or weekend motorcycle rides that cause it either.

Fitness classes, kids’ toys, power tools, and the din of a busy restaurant can all contribute to it as well.

Crazy, right?

Consumer Reports’ health and safety experts say that prolonged exposure to 70 dBA—the sound produced by a shower—or less is safe for most people.”

So choosing the best ear plugs for high decibel situations should be a top priority.


Think about how many things you hear throughout the day that exceed that safe limit. And, while we’re at it, think about other situations that could potentially do harm to your ears (and your sanity):

  • Flights
  • Swimming (especially if you’re prone to ear infections)
  • A visit to the shooting range
  • Annoying coworkers keeping you from getting work done
  • Even more annoying bedmates that snore and keep you up all night (some of these sleeping gadgets might help with that as well)

While you could strap on some heavy-duty noise cancellation headphones to block out those noises, they’re not always ideal in terms of practicality, mobility, or cost.

Thankfully, we have of the best earplugs on the market for those things.

Here’s the lowdown:

Your ears need protection and earplugs are a supremely convenient way to give it to them.

That said, based on our research, there aren’t that many earplugs made well enough or that do the job they promise to do, which can make shopping for earplugs a total pain.

So, after countless hours of online research and in-person testing, we present to you the very best ear plugs. They’re comfortable, they’re affordable, and they work incredibly well.