8 Best Dating Apps Right Now

8 Best Dating Apps Right Now


After 25 hours of research evaluating 80 products, we picked Bumble as our top choice.

Dating apps have become a major game changer in how we meet potential mates. But, if you are not using the best dating apps you could be wasting your time. And you need to be even more picky if you are looking for the best free dating apps.

This is crazy:

Of the 54 million singles in the U.S., roughly 49 million of them have given online dating a shot. While many of them still opt for the traditional dating website platform like the Matches and eHarmonies of the world, dating apps are quickly growing in popularity.

Here's the deal:

Whether you want to meet your dream girl (or guy), make friends (that could potentially blossom into something more), or simply want someone to hook up with while you’re in town for business, there is a dating app right for you.

Don’t waste your time downloading a bunch of apps, filling out profiles, and waiting to see what works. We’ve got 8 of the best dating apps right here.

If you want a new approach to finding love on your phone, here’s a list of the best dating apps and dating sites to get you started.

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