6 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

6 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women


After 11 hours of research evaluating 100 products, we picked Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 as our top choice.

Most people immediately think of "cardio" as being the best exercise for women. Sure, women do tend to have more energy for running, but that doesn't mean they should only do cardio.

In fact, women benefit from lifting weights in every way—from fat burning to improved metabolic function to better hormone balance.

So why not try both?

If you're already a runner, it's time to get into resistance training as well. The combination will lead to a sleeker, better physique and improved health. What's not to love?

What are Cross Training Shoes?

You've got your running shoes and trail running shoes for long-distance runs, but you're going to need a pair of shoes to use at the gym.

The best cross training shoes are useful for both resistance training and cardio (treadmill, trail running, and other gym cardio workouts). Below is our list of the best cross training shoes out there. We know because we've tried them. 

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