11 Cooking Gadgets That Make Eating Healthy Easy

11 Cooking Gadgets That Make Eating Healthy Easy

You've heard it a hundred times before – “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

And just like with most dead horses that have been beaten over and over again, there's a reason you keep hearing it. Because it's so true!

If you want to get your body summer-ready, 70% of the work lies in diet, yet all too often guys think they can eat like they did in their teens as long as they hit the weights from time to time. Sorry, Bud, but you'll need to put a little more effort in than that.

And with the shopping, paying a little extra for food, prepping, cooking, and portioning out your meals, you've most certainly got your work cut out for you. Never mind mustering the self control...

The right tools for a healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards making it as easy and painless as possible. Here are some interesting gadgets to help you eat healthier, tone up the body, and get looking like a stud again just in time for summer.