7 Best Compasses

7 Best Compasses


After 14 hours of research evaluating 95 products, we picked SUUNTO MC-2G Compass as our top choice.

Getting lost while hiking or backpacking can be dangerous!

You may wind up in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service to call for help, even with no battery life to use your cell phone’s GPS.

When that happens, you need a compass.

A pocket compass is the one navigational tool you absolutely can’t live without when out in the wilderness.

It’ll never run out of battery, doesn’t need cell service, and is very hard to break. Best of all, it will always tell you how to get back to safety, no matter how deep in the wilderness you are.

If you’re going out into the wild, always take a compass!

Below, we’ve got a complete list of the best compass options for you. After thorough research into hundreds of products and reading thousands of reviews, we’ve found the pocket compass choices that will keep you safe and on course when out in the middle of nowhere.

Happy navigating!

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