28 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

28 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband


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Christmas is just around the corner, so what the heck are you going to get for your husband?

What do you get the man who has everything (i.e.: YOU)? Do you get him something that makes him smile, something that helps him at work, something for his hobbies, or something that's fun? Why are men so darn hard to shop for?

Let us help you.

Coming up with gift ideas for husband can be quite the challenge, but we're here to help! Below, we've compiled a list of a few Christmas gifts that we know your husband will love (heck, a few of them are even on OUR Christmas wish list—hint, hint!).

Check out our list of the Best Christmas Gifts for Husband, and see if you can spot the present that will bring a smile to your man's face this year.

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.

28 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

  • 28. T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Electric Grill
  • 27. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
  • 26. Royal Lush Oversized Wine Glass
  • 25. Portable Charger Wallet
  • 24. Sanuk Men's Beer Cozy Flip-Flop
  • 23. DAWAY Bike Repair Tool Kit
  • 22. Sonic Alert Alarm Clock
  • 21. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine
  • 20. Love Lakeside Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf
  • 19. Timberland Men's Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove
  • 18. 1byone Bluetooth Vintage Style Record Player
  • 17. Stanley Classic Flask
  • 16. ToiletTree Products LED Fogfree Shower Mirror
  • 15. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • 14. Cards Against Humanity Card Game
  • 13. Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold
  • 12. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • 11. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  • 10. Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder
  • 9. GoPro HERO8 Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video Action Camera
  • 7. Air. Shark. 'Nuff Said
  • 6. Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multitool with Deluxe Money Clip
  • 5. Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid
  • 4. Garmin Forerunner 235 Sports Watch
  • 3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • 2. DEATH WISH COFFEE -- World's Strongest Coffee

Best Christmas Gift for Grillmasters


T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Electric Grill

Best Christmas Gift for Grillmasters: T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Electric Grill
76 % Editor Score
81 % User Score
87 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Surprisingly easy to clean for an indoor grill
  • Designed for easy use (even with all those programs)
  • Consistent cooking and easy grilling

Don’t confuse this indoor grill with your average food press; its cooking cycles adapt to the thickness of foods on it. And, there are six different cooking programs so you can always get it right.

This isn’t the largest grill; the four-serving size really cooks for about two people (unless you really pack it tight). More importantly, it's not great with uneven cuts of meat. 

Details: For guys who love to grill, this is the perfect option for indoor grilling. Not only is it a highly advanced grill—with multiple cooking programs to accommodate a wide selection of meats and cuts—but it's reliable and beautifully user-friendly. The sensors will actually detect the thickness of the food he's grilling and adjust accordingly. The beep and light indicator will let him know when his meat is grilled to perfection.

Though it's an indoor grill, it delivers flavors on par with any outdoor grill. Temperature control is a breeze with this bad boy, and both the removable plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe. For consistent, easy cooking indoors, this is the grill he'll want.

Price: The grill is a bit pricey at $115, but there are plenty of features for that price--almost as many as (and sometimes more than) indoor grills in the highest price bracket. Add in the 1-year limited warranty and you know you've got an incredible little indoor grill he's going to love.

Best Christmas Gift for Rainy Days


Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Best Christmas Gift for Rainy Days: Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score
77 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Wind-defying construction; 9 resin-fortified fiberglass ribs
  • Flexible, durable, and versatile
  • The only umbrella he'll need for years to come

Easy to open/close, lightweight, small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, incredibly durable construction, lifetime replacement guarantee, high quality, and reasonable price.

Suffers from quality control issues; some models arrive defective/broken.

Details: For the guy who spends a lot of time outdoors, this is the perfect rainy day gift. The umbrella is less than a foot long and weighs less than one pound, meaning it's portable enough to fit into any backpack or bag. However, it's built to be "windproof", with 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that keep the structure from bowing out even in heavy winds. The ribs flex and bend with the wind, but never break.

The Teflon-coated material is water repellent, so the rain will just slide off without soaking through, and the umbrella will be nice and dry when he goes to store it. It's easy to open and close, and the handle is ergonomic and slip-proof, with a wrist strap for easy carrying. All in all, it's the umbrella he'll ALWAYS want to have on hand when the rain falls.

Price: At $22, this is definitely pricier than your average umbrella. However, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, so he can always get a replacement if/when the umbrella breaks. Now that's high quality!

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Lovers


Royal Lush Oversized Wine Glass

Best Christmas Gift for Wine Lovers: Royal Lush Oversized Wine Glass
77 % Editor Score
83 % User Score
65 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A clever gift for wine lovers
  • Holds an entire (full-size, 750 ml) bottle
  • Good quality product for a terrific price

Holds a full 750-ml bottle of wine, doubles as an impressive display for candies and treats, drop-safe, and made from hand-blown glass.

Unwieldy to use for a full bottle.

Details: If he's a wine drinker, this is the funny gift he'll love! This beautiful mouth-blown glass can hold an entire bottle of wine. The mouth-blown glass holds a classic Bordeaux wine glass shape. Though it's a bit too heavy and large to actually drink a bottle all at once, he'll certainly love just how large the glass really is.

The glass is dishwasher safe, though it's easier just to wash it by hand. Even if he only uses it once or twice, it makes a great decorative centerpiece to hold sweets, candies, corks, or even floating candles. 

Price: At $13 for one full bottle-sized glass, it's a funny gift that he will definitely love. It's funny, a great conversation starter, and handy as a decorative item.

Best Christmas Gift for Practical Men


Portable Charger Wallet

Best Christmas Gift for Practical Men: Portable Charger Wallet
78 % Editor Score
83 % User Score
114 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Eliminates the need for a wallet
  • Charges his phone on the go
  • Slim, lightweight, and fits anywhere

Sleek and slim little credit card holder, lightweight, fits in any pocket, phone charger included, inexpensive, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Too small to carry cash.

Details: For men who need something more practical than a clunky wallet, this will be his new best friend. It's small enough that he can slip it into his breast pocket, inner suit pocket, or even the pocket of a pair of running shorts. It weighs very little, and it's a sleek, durable little wallet—the material is highly scratch resistant.

He'll always be able to charge his phone or tablet on the go!

Price: $30 may be more than you'd expect to pay for a wallet, but it's definitely not too much to pay for a wallet and battery pack combo. It's a gift he'll use all day every day, and it will come in handy more often than you'd expect!

Best Christmas Gift for Summer Beer Drinkers


Sanuk Men's Beer Cozy Flip-Flop

Best Christmas Gift for Summer Beer Drinkers: Sanuk Men's Beer Cozy Flip-Flop
79 % Editor Score
84 % User Score
79 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Feels like walking on a Yoga mat; soft, comfortable, and good grip on his feet
  • Comes with a church key beer bottle opener
  • Just the right amount of sponginess and stability

Beer bottle opener built into the sole, thick, comfortable, good traction, solid rubber outsole, spongy surface, no-slip footbed, lightweight, no breaking-in period required, and good durability.

Noisy when wet.

Details: These flip flops are nice and thick, and though they get very noisy when wet, he'll find they offer good cushioning, traction, and support. The 1-inch thick heel will reduce wear on his  joints.

The strap is made of a durable synthetic material that is resistant to both water and wear. The footbed is made of the same synthetic material used for Yoga mats, giving him a soft, spongy surface that is incredibly comfortable for walking. The arch cookie in the footbed will provide his arches with extra support as you walk.

Aside from being comfortable and durable, they're handy--there's a beer bottle opener (church key) built into the underside of the sandal, so he'll always be able to crack open a cold brew wherever he is.

Price: Starting at $16, these are a well-priced pair of flip flops he can take with him anywhere, and he'll never be without a way to open a beer! The perfect choice to beat the summer heat.

Best Christmas Gift for Cyclists


DAWAY Bike Repair Tool Kit

Best Christmas Gift for Cyclists: DAWAY Bike Repair Tool Kit
79 % Editor Score
84 % User Score
71 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A kit to help him deal with any bike problems
  • Lightweight, portable, and perfect for traveling
  • Durable tools; can survive a lot of regular use

16 different tools, durable, high quality carbon steel, weighs just 10 ounces, portable, fits in any backpack, and belt loop included.

Flat wrenches and rasp not the best quality.

Details: For your cyclist husband, this is the gift that will keep on giving—literally every time he needs to fix a flat tire or repair some other bicycle problem. The kit comes with 6 inner hexagon wrenches, 3 socket spanners, 3 flat wrenches, 2 screwdrivers, 1 sleeve extension rod, and 1 spoke wrench. All of this is wrapped up in a neat little kit that is small, lightweight, and can either be stored in a backpack or looped onto his belt. It also includes a rasp, 2 plastic tire levers, and 8 glueless tire patches.

The tools are made of high quality carbon steel, and they can handle a good deal of regular use without breaking. Whether he takes day cycling trips or just rides around town, this kit will allow him to repair any bike problems in minutes.

Price: At just $9, this is a beautifully priced little kit! Though some of the wrenches and the rasp are less-than amazing, he has enough tools to deal with any problem that could possibly arise.

Best Christmas Gift for Heavy Sleepers


Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

Best Christmas Gift for Heavy Sleepers: Sonic Alert Alarm Clock
80 % Editor Score
85 % User Score
62 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Extremely loud alert plus bed vibrations and lights means effective wake-up
  • Simple without extra, unnecessary features
  • Compact and fits nicely on his bedside table

Incredibly loud with highly effective built-in vibration and lights, guaranteed to wake up even deep sleepers, plus built-in battery backup ensures consistent functioning.

It can be challenging to set the hour (must read instructions THOROUGHLY).

Details: If he has a hard time waking up in the morning, this is the gift he needs (even if he doesn't love what it represents)! Not only is it one of the loudest alarm clocks around (up to 113 db), but it comes with bright LED lights and a Super Shaker bed vibration unit that will vibrate the bed as the alert goes off. If he doesn't like the vibration and lights, he can set it for sound only. The volume and tone are fully adjustable, making it ideal for both light and deep sleepers.

The clock runs on wall power, but it also has a built-in battery so it will always be on and accurate. Be warned: the clock is a bit tricky to set up properly, so he'll need to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using!

Price: The $34 you'll pay for this product will be money well-spent if he has a habit of sleeping through his morning alarms. It's loud, annoying, and guaranteed to wake him up!

Best Christmas Gift for Foodies


Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Best Christmas Gift for Foodies: Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine
81 % Editor Score
86 % User Score
69 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Make your own pasta noodles at home
  • Durable, easy to use, and highly reliable
  • Feel like a true Italian chef; master a valuable cooking skill

Made from stainless steel, makes 3 pasta shapes, made in Italy, durable, 10-year warranty, complete list of assembly and use instructions, durable, user-friendly, compatible with up to 12 pasta cutting accessories, and easy to clean.

Accessories and motor make using the pasta machine challenging.

Details: If your man loves to cook as much as he loves to eat, this gift will put a sparkle in his eyes. Made in Italy using durable stainless steel, the pasta machine allows him to make fettucine, lasagna, and tagliolini noodles from scratch.

The pasta machine can be attached to a Pasta Drive motor that will make churning out the noodles much quicker and easier, and it is compatible with up to 12 different cutting accessories. However, a number of users have insisted that these accessories/motor interfere with the simple functionality of the machine, so he's better off using the hand crank to produce noodles the old-fashioned way. Let him tackle this new cooking challenge and master an epic skill in the kitchen!

Price: At $76, this is definitely one of the pricier gifts on our list. However, the machine comes with a 10-year warranty to back up its durability, and it's a handy little kitchen tool he can break out anytime he wants to impress someone with his cooking skills. Plus, what's not to love about fresh, homemade pasta?

Best Christmas Gift for Cold Climates


Love Lakeside Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf

Best Christmas Gift for Cold Climates: Love Lakeside Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf
82 % Editor Score
86 % User Score
75 Bought

Why People Love it

  • All the luxury of cashmere without the ridiculous price tag
  • Lightweight and comfortable, yet beautifully warm
  • A stylish, elegant, and bold fashion choice

Feels as soft as cashmere, classic style, comfortable, surprisingly warm, 65-inches long, string fringe, stylish, comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, and great quality.

Prone to fuzzing and shedding as a result of friction.

Details: If he's the kind of guy who looks good in scarves, this is a gift he'll definitely love. The material is Viscose, a type of artificial rayon similar to silk. It feels as soft as cashmere, but it's significantly cheaper. The scarf offers good warmth in the winter, and it will keep his neck toasty warm. Though it's lightweight and thin, the fabric is surprisingly good at keeping body heat trapped close to the skin.

What makes this scarf so great is the broad style selection—you get more than 30 different colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, making it easy to find the scarf that suits his personal style best. It's a bit shorter than you might expect, but the string fringe makes it a very stylish choice.

Price: How could you not want to give this $10 scarf a try? It's as soft and comfy as cashmere, but without the crazy high price!

Best Christmas Gift for Winter


Timberland Men's Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove

Best Christmas Gift for Winter: Timberland Men's Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove
83 % Editor Score
87 % User Score
79 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Excellent for staying warm even in the coldest winter
  • Never take your gloves off to use your smartphone again!
  • Textured palm enhances grip on mobile devices

Warm, soft, comes with touchscreen technology, wool blend, excellent grip, durable, comfortable, size compatible with most hands, and compatible with active/sports use.

Touch pad on fingers and thumb are a bit awkward.

Details: For those cold winters, this is the perfect gift. Not only are these gloves extremely warm—thanks to their blend of 23% wool, 63% polyester, 10% nylon, and 4% other fibers—but their textured palm offers extra grip on those small, sleek objects he needs to hold…such as his cell phone.

These gloves are built for smartphone users, as they have special touch pads built into the fingers and thumb. This allows him to use his smartphone without removing his glove. Though they're not designed for sending long-winded messages or hammering out emails, they're easy for basic touch/swipe controls on the phone. He'll never have cold hands thanks to this nifty feature.

Price: The gloves will run anywhere from $20 to $40—a bit of a steep price for a regular pair of gloves, but totally worth it for the ability to use his smartphone without removing his gloves.


20% off Amazingly Comfortable Undershirts from Tommy John

Why People Love it

  • Undershirts are form fitting but are never restrictive to wear
  • Stay Tucked tapered design ensures the shirt will stay tucked in throughout the day 
Get from Tommyjohn.evyy.net

Use coupon: TJFAV

Best Christmas Gift for the Classic Music Lover


1byone Bluetooth Vintage Style Record Player

Best Christmas Gift for the Classic Music Lover: 1byone Bluetooth Vintage Style Record Player
84 % Editor Score
88 % User Score
78 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Turns classic vinyl records into MP3 files easily
  • Play music from a record, computer, or mobile device
  • Beautiful, elegant, and stylish

Record MP3 files from vinyl records, beautiful vinyl sound, compatible with all your devices, quality built-in speakers, and stylish piece of equipment.

Has a problem with skipping first track, and the lid hinge is very delicate.

Details: If he's the kind of guy who loves classic jazz, blues, or other old-school music, he'll love this gift. Not only is it a quality vinyl record player, but it actually allows him to record his vinyl albums and turn them into digital audio files in MP3 format.

The record player comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows him to connect his PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device to the speaker system to play music. There's also a USB port and an RCA cable for a classic speaker system. He'll be able to sit back and relax while listening to his favorite records at 33, 45, and 78 RPM.

Price: $130 is a bit of a steep price to pay for a speaker system, but not when you consider that it includes an amazing vinyl record player. If he loves classic music, it's a gift guaranteed to delight!

Best Christmas Gift for a Night Out


Stanley Classic Flask

Best Christmas Gift for a Night Out: Stanley Classic Flask
85 % Editor Score
89 % User Score
87 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Beautiful colors; rugged design
  • No leaks, beautiful style, compact and easy to hide
  • Holds enough to share

Sneak alcohol into any office, cinema, or party with this flask; created using highly durable stainless steel, BPA-free, and features a wide mouth for easy filling.

Some reviewers report that the design of the cap is defective; if over-used, it gets difficult to remove the cap.

Features: If your man is the sort who always want a nip of alcohol on him, this is the perfect gift! The 8-ounce flask holds enough whiskey, rum, or vodka to keep him warm and happy on any camping trip, office party, or skiing adventure.

Made from durable stainless steel, this flask is durable and designed for outdoor adventures. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill without spilling, and the flask is compact enough to fit in any pocket (pants, jacket, suit, or sports coat). It's dishwasher safe and keeps your alcohol in perfect drinking condition for days at a time!

Price: At $17, how could you say no to this? It's the perfect "extra" Christmas gift to show him you care. Plus, he'll spend a lot less on alcohol any time he goes out with his buddies. 

Most Useful Christmas Gift


ToiletTree Products LED Fogfree Shower Mirror

Most Useful Christmas Gift: ToiletTree Products LED Fogfree Shower Mirror
80 % Editor Score
89 % User Score
547 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Perfect for men who need to shave when they shower
  • Good build quality; excellent customer service
  • Doesn't fog up EVER

No fogging, shatterproof mirror, with an LED light to make shaving easier. It also includes suction cups to stick onto wall.

Reviewers report that the LED lighting is indirect.

Features: The perfect shave requires a little more than a razor and water. Give your man the gift of a perfect shave every time with this fog free shower mirror. It's designed to keep the mirror fogless no matter how much steam fills the bathroom!

All he has to do is fill the reservoir with hot water before each use for a fog-free setup, every time. The mirror is easily secured to the wall with removable, soft silicone adhesive. The frame adjusts quickly for multiple users and angles and lighting creates the essential bright setting.

It delivers quality LED illumination to give him a clear view of his face as he shaves, and the high-quality glass is shatterproof.

Price: $40 isn't a lot to pay when you consider that you're giving him a mirror that will ALWAYS make his shave a little bit easier.

Best Christmas Gift for Active Men


Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Christmas Gift for Active Men: Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses
88 % Editor Score
90 % User Score
116 Bought

Why People Love it

  • VERY comfortable; stay in place through all your activity
  • Excellent fit and peerless durability
  • Great pair of sunglasses at a great price

Features an uber-durable frame, polarized to protect his eyes, sporty style, UV-resistant, lightweight, and comes with a lifetime breakage warranty.

Tight fit, not appropriate for men with larger heads.

Features: This is the perfect pair of sunglasses to make a gift for an outdoorsman! It's designed to be used for any sport: golf, football, running/jogging, even fishing. The frame and lenses are ultra-durable, and there's a lifetime warranty on both.

The TAC lens has 7 layers, offering enhanced durability, better UV protection, and polarization. The UV400 coating will block out UVA/UVB rays, and he'll love how lightweight these feel when he moves around.

Price: $22 is not too high a price to pay for these glasses. Thanks to their durable material and lifetime warranty, these are quality sunglasses that will serve him well for years to come.

Best Christmas Gift for Card Game Lovers


Cards Against Humanity Card Game

Best Christmas Gift for Card Game Lovers: Cards Against Humanity Card Game
89 % Editor Score
91 % User Score
101 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Will have you laughing in no time
  • Great for an ice-breaker or couples' game night
  • The most ridiculous sort of fun!

HILARIOUS game, comes with 550 unique cards, an endless combinations of answers. A game for adults ONLY!

May get a bit "samey" after 10-20 games.

Details: Want to give him a gift he'll use over and over? Try this one out: a hilarious adult game that will always get the party started. Add a few drinks and things can get pretty wild.

Yes, Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people—but who doesn't love a walk on the dark side? The game can be as awkward or despicable as you and your friends.

How it works: Each round, one player asks a question from the black cards and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. The possibilities are endless. It's the kind of game that will get anyone to sit down with friends and laugh their butts off!

Price: Paying $25 for this game set is 100% worth it! It's the kind of game that will horrify your friends—yet they'll be laughing so hard they will have to keep playing.

Best Christmas Gift for Whisky Lovers


Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

Best Christmas Gift for Whisky Lovers: Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold
90 % Editor Score
91 % User Score
99 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Ice cubes look VERY cool
  • Round ice chills drinks more efficiently than cubes
  • Perfect for Scotch/whisky drinkers

Produces beautiful, extra-large, spherical ice. This mold is also 100% BPA-free and made using food grade silicone, so it will never crack or break. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Messy to fill; doesn't always produce perfect balls.

Details: A wonderful gift for whisky drinkers!

To elevate any alcoholic beverage, ice balls are the way to go. Their spherical shape means they will cool his drink more slowly than cubes (see the science here), and there will be less dilution of his whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, or vodka.

The mold is made from food-grade silicone, and it's 100% BPA-free and FDA-approved. The flexible material means he'll never have to worry about the ice tray breaking or cracking. It's a bit messy to fill and may take a bit of practice to produce the perfect spheres, but the lifetime warranty on this mold means he'll ALWAYS have spherical ice to impress his buddies.

Price: Is $8 too much to pay for an ice tray? For regular ice cubes, perhaps. But for ice balls that look elegant and make all his (and your) drinks fancier, it's totally worth it.

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Snobs


OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Snobs: OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker
91 % Editor Score
92 % User Score
89 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Most effective cold-brew coffee maker on the market
  • Reduces acidity of coffee without affecting caffeine content and flavor
  • Simple, user-friendly, and inexpensive

Cold-brew a perfect cup of coffee or tea at home. This coffe maker is easy to use, produces a low-acidity brew, and produces fresh coffee with the flip of a lever.

Too tall to fit into some fridges; and doesn't brew hot coffee.

Features: This cold-brewer will produce a rich cup of coffee or tea in 20-45 minutes (depending on preferences). All he has to do is add the fresh coffee ground, pour water into the container, and put it into the fridge (if it fits!). When he's ready to make coffee, he just needs to flip the lever to begin the cold-brew process.

Cold-brewing coffee reduces the acidity of the coffee, but increases its caffeine content. This cold-brewer makes it easy for him to produce a better-tasting cup of cold coffee. The perfect gift for the man who prefers iced coffee and Frappuccinos over hot brews.

Price: At $50, this is a bit pricey for a coffee maker that is little more than a filter and a container of water. Despite the price tag, it's a good option for any man who prefers a cold-brewed cup of coffee or tea and wants a good coffee maker to produce it.

Best Kitchen Gadget for Bachelors


Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Best Kitchen Gadget for Bachelors: Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
90 % Editor Score
93 % User Score
162 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Create amazing breakfast sandwiches at home
  • Hardly difficult to clean
  • Easy to use (regardless of your morning state of mind)

Produces a delicious breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes, easy to use, dishwasher-safe parts, non-stick coating, and cleaning is a breeze.

Teflon coating flakes off after about 1 year; replacement parts are pricey.

Features: For the guy who loves his breakfast sandwiches, this is the perfect present!

The appliance comes with a special fryer to make a sunny-side-up egg, a place to cook ham or bacon, melt cheese, and toast English muffins.

The design of this gadget enables the perfect cooking of every layer (rather than a messy mound of breakfast food). The secret? cooking the egg separately - and yet all at the same time.

Give it 5 minutes to heat up, and it will take 5 minutes to produce a fresh, hot breakfast sandwich. Thanks to the non-stick Teflon coating, he'll be able to clean it with a napkin or paper towel. Simple as that!

Price: $23 for perfect breakfast sandwiches at home in under 5 minutes? That's an investment that will be recouped within a matter of weeks, given how many times he'll use it!

Best Christmas Gift for Organized Men


Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder

Best Christmas Gift for Organized Men: Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder
92 % Editor Score
93 % User Score
99 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Perfect combination of form and function
  • Helps to prevent desk cable clutter
  • Sleek, elegant, and beautiful design

Gives him a place to hang his headphones so they'll never get lost, comes with 3 USB ports, keeps cables organized, and features a built-in headphone jack. Additionally, the rubberized grip keeps stand and headphones securely in place.

USB ports sometimes stop working within a few months of use.

Features: If he's the kind of man who wants to keep his workstation neat, he will love this gift!

It's a headphone holder, so he can hang up his costly work headphones and keep them from being damaged. However, it also comes with a cable organizer on the back of the arm that minimizes the risk of tangled, messy cables. The built-in USB ports allow him to connect any USB devices to his computer without having to directly plug them in—great for desktop users!

The rubberized grip on the arm will hold the headphones in place, and the rubberized bottom will ensure the stand stays put on his desk. For the organized man, it's a beautiful addition to a home office or workspace.

Price: $40 is a bit of a high price to pay for a headphone stand, but it also doubles as a USB hub and even a music player. And can you really put a price tag on his happiness at the sight of a well-organized desk?

Best Christmas Gift for Adventurers


GoPro HERO8 Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video Action Camera

Best Christmas Gift for Adventurers: GoPro HERO8 Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video Action Camera
93 % Editor Score
94 % User Score
143 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Grab and go operation; ideal for techies and tech-challenged alike
  • Great for outdoor adventures--fully waterproof
  • Sleek, compact, and lightweight

This product is compact and features a grab-and-go operation. It's waterproof, making it great for action and adventure shots, and it turns out high quality images and video. On top of all that it's incredibly user-friendly. What more could you ask for?

Unfortunately, this camera high price is really the biggest issue.

Features: This little camera is the perfect Christmas present for the husband who wants to record images of their exploits on the trail, skateboard ramp, scuba diving trip, or snowboarding weekend. It's designed with user-friendly operation, so it will work at the press of a single button. It takes just a few minutes to learn how to operate the miniature, lightweight, durable camera.

Price: At $400, this is a pricey little camera, but one that's built for action and adventure. It definitely delivers quality and ease of use, making it a great Christmas present.

Best Christmas Gift for Bearded Men



94 % Editor Score
94 % User Score
95 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Minimal scent ideal for using with body spray/cologne
  • Makes managing frizzy beards easier
  • Softens skin and brings out hair color

This oil is 100% organic and free of fillers, parabens, additives, and GMOs. Additionally, it has a minimal scent, is an effective conditioner, and helps to manage frizzy and curly beards.

Leaves a greasy film and doesn't absorb as fully into the hair and skin as some reviewers would like.

Features: For the bearded man in your life, add this to his Christmas gift basket.  

The ingredients in this grooming product include: organic argan seed oil to moisturize and condition your your facial hair while improving skin health - also prevents split ends; organic evening primrose oil and Vitamin E to nourish your skin and hair and reduce dandruff; and organic jojoba to help fight acne, regulate the production of skin oil, and promote hair growth. This mixture of all-organic ingredients makes this one of the best products on our list. It's free of parabens, fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, and GMO products, making it one of the most natural products around.

Some users have complained that it leaves a greasy residue, which is the result of the heavier argan oil. However, the thicker texture makes it easier to get your unruly facial hair under control. And with no scent, you'll find that this creation is perfect for those who like to use milder cologne.

Price: At just under $20 for a 1-ounce bottle, it's a slightly pricey product. People with thick, heavy beards will go through the stuff VERY fast. You'll love it if you have a trimmed beard and want to keep it groomed and looking good. Considering its organic ingredients, it's a good value for the price. Check out our list of online stores to see where to buy.

Best Christmas Gift for a Man-Child


Air. Shark. 'Nuff Said

Best Christmas Gift for a Man-Child: Air. Shark. 'Nuff Said
100 % Editor Score
95 % User Score
348 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Hours of remote control air balloon fun
  • Looks awesome, guaranteed to astonish
  • Best remote control vehicle EVER!

It's a G.D. air shark! This little baby provides hours upon hours of remote-controlled fun. It's huge, reusable, and holds helium for up to 2 weeks.

Cheap parts mean that it doesn't last for more than a few uses.

Features: This is the perfect gift for any man who is really a child at heart. It's a freakin' Air Shark!

The remote-controlled shark is nearly 5 feet long and 3 feet tall. Once inflated with helium (not included, but can be found at party supplies stores), the shark hovers in the air. You can move it around using the remote control, and the durable nylon material will keep the shark from popping when it inevitably bumps into walls and people (we're not all expert pilots right off the bat). You get a full 360-degree range of motion, and you can control it from over 40 feet away.

It will last for 3-5 uses, though it will hold less and less helium each time. It's not a gift that will last all year long, but it's the perfect way to bring out his inner child at Christmas.

Price: At $30, this is a bit pricey for a gift that can only be used a few times. However, it's going to blow his (and your kids') mind, so it's 100% worth it!

Best Compact Christmas Gift


Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multitool with Deluxe Money Clip

Best Compact Christmas Gift: Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multitool with Deluxe Money Clip
96 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
142 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Compact, portable, and ultra-useful
  • Very durable; lifetime warranty
  • Handy in a surprisingly wide range of circumstances

This product fits in his wallet, is created using durable stainless steel, and is a handy, multi-purpose tool to have anywhere he goes. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and clearly labeled instructions.

Not all tools offer full functionality.

Features: This multi-tool is an excellent gift for the man who doesn't want to carry a Leatherman on his belt! It slips into his wallet, but it's a tool that provides 18 different functions: screwdrivers, hex wrench, ruler, bottle opener, can opener, fruit peeler, box and letter opener, and more. He'll never be stranded with this bad boy in his wallet.

It's made from heat-treated steel that is durable and resistant to breakage and damage. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee to never dull, bend, or rust. 

Price: At $10, this is an AMAZING Christmas present for your husband. It's guaranteed to be useful in many, many situations!

Best Christmas Gift for Collectors


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Best Christmas Gift for Collectors: Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid
82 % Editor Score
96 % User Score
221 Bought

Why People Love it

  • A perfect toy for a grown-up man-child (and for kids, of course)
  • Awesome for a Star Wars memorabilia collector
  • Hours of fun playing with this remote controlled droid

It's a freakin' BB8!!!! It's voice-controlled, features a 30-meter range, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Oh, and did we mention that it moves up to 4.5 MPH? Sweet.

Not pet-friendly and doesn't work on carpets.

Features: Do we really have to get into why this would make the PERFECT Christmas gift for your Star Wars-loving husband?

This little droid is designed to run on hardwood and concrete floors (though it's not great with carpets), and he can control it using Bluetooth-enabled voice commands. He talks into his phone (Android and iOS both work) to get it to move around, and he can set it to follow, patrol, or even customize its movement.

Not only will the droid recognize his voice, but it responds in its classic whistles and beeps. He'll get 60 minutes of play time before the droid needs to be recharged. The gyroscopic propulsion keeps it moving around as he play with it—and we're sure your children will want to get in on the fun too.

Price: The toy is pricey at over $110. However, it's something that he will love to add to his Star Wars collection. Isn't that a small price to pay to see that goofy grin on his face?

Best Fitness Christmas Gift


Garmin Forerunner 235 Sports Watch

Best Fitness Christmas Gift: Garmin Forerunner 235 Sports Watch
99 % Editor Score
97 % User Score
118 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Insane battery life
  • Customizable screen
  • Lightweight

Runners love this watch for its crazy long battery life and quick-connecting GPS system. 

The screen on this watch isn't backlit to save battery life, so it's a little hard to see at night. Also, the menu system is backwards from most watches, so it takes a little getting used to.

Features: If you want a great gift for your athletic husband, try this one on for size. the GPS function on this watch stays true to the Garmin name with fast, reliable tracking. It also syncs with your smartphone so you can see incoming texts, emails, and alerts. We weren't able to find a ton of information on how durable this watch is, but we didn't find any complaints about damage, either. It is, however, waterproof up to 50 meters, giving it an edge over some of its competitors.

Price: The Garmin Forerunner 235 Sports Watch comes in at about $230 and currently has over 1,800 reviews on Amazon with 4.21/5 star rating. Compared to the price of the Apple watch, it’s a steal! Have an Apple fan at home? We would than suggest going with the Apple Watch Series 5, unfortunately it is about $400.

Best Travel Noise Canceling Headphones


Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Travel Noise Canceling Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones
99 % Editor Score
98 % User Score
135 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Can cancel out airplane/bus/train noise
  • Top-notch audio quality and durability
  • Easily among the best wireless headphones on the market

True-to-life sound, great wireless connectivity, excellent at canceling noise, comfortable, and perfect for travel.

Can't be used with non-Bluetooth devices.

Features: If your husband travels a lot for work (or pleasure), this is the ideal gift. It's designed to reduce airplane roar to a whisper, and will block out most of the airplane/bus/train noises. And, of course, the quality of the audio is as good as it gets—courtesy of BOSE's excellent design. He'll get crystal clear audio, volume-optimized EQ, and even a noise-rejecting microphone system so he can answer calls without removing the headphones.

The wireless headphones have a 20-hour battery life, and they're easily paired via Bluetooth and NFC. Best of all, they're lightweight, incredibly comfortable on his ears, and durable. A great gift for any traveler!

Price: $330 is a pretty high price to pay for a pair of headphones, but you're paying for both quality and durability. It's the perfect gift to give a man who travels a lot, or who loves to listen to music with sterling clarity.


20% off Amazingly Comfortable 5-Star Underwear from Tommy John

Why People Love it

  • Designed for daily wear
  • Constructed from an exclusive, non-pilling micro modal fabric that’s sourced from Beechwood trees
  • So soft and luxurious it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all
  • Over 4 Million Pairs Sold and Counting
Get from TommyJohn

Use coupon: TJFAV during checkout

One of the most comfortable underwear by Tommy John will change the way you wear underwear. It features a non-rolling waistband, contour pouch and a horizontal Quick Draw® fly come as standard, and each pair is covered by our no wedgie guarantee.  Use Coupon Code:TJFAV during checkout to save 20% off your first order

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers


DEATH WISH COFFEE -- World's Strongest Coffee

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers: DEATH WISH COFFEE -- World's Strongest Coffee
100 % Editor Score
99 % User Score
110 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Amazingly rich, bold flavor; tastes amazing
  • The perfect coffee for caffeine addicts
  • Not too bitter or overpowering despite the potency

Strongest coffee in the world, fair trade, USDA-certified organic, and absolutely delicious!


Features: What could be a better gift for him than the perfect cup of coffee—especially if that coffee has double the potency and three times the flavor?

Death Wish Coffee has the highest natural caffeine content in the world, and a rich, dark flavor to match. The bold tastes of this coffee are a match for any gourmet bean. It's USDA-certified organic and a fair trade product. Further, it brews a delicious cup of coffee that will appeal to any gourmand or casual coffee drinker.

Warning: Prepare for a serious KICK!

Price: At $19 for 1 pound of coffee, this is slightly on the pricier side. That's why it makes a great gift though, right? You'll pay a higher price, but he'll end up using less coffee ground per cup due to the extra potency. Plus, it earns him bragging rights with his buddies!

Best Christmas Gift Overall



Best Christmas Gift Overall: DJI PHANTOM 3 QUADCOPTER DRONE
100 % Editor Score
99 % User Score
225 Bought

Why People Love it

  • Excellent photo quality; great for both photo and video capture
  • Both flight and camera stability are amazing
  • Flight app is easy to use and offers both excellent camera and device control

Offers amazing images and video; durable, easy to maneuver, and has agreat range. Very cheap for what you get in value. This DJI quadcopter camera drone can capture high speed sports from never before attempted angles. It features a 4k video recording from the UHD camera and allows you to view live streaming video from the quadcopter. Excellent value for the price! For what you get - this can be considered a cheap camera quadcopter drone. But whatever you do, don't fly this anywhere near the White House!

It's no secret that the company is known for their poor customer service.

Features: If you want to go big with his Christmas gift, this high-quality, professional drone is the ideal option. And if you're looking for a machine that offers crystal clear, no-shake video and images, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional is definitely the drone for you! The 12 MP camera captures amazing quality footage, which is stored on microSD cards built into the drone. Both 1080p and 4K are awesome, but the image clarity is excellent even at 720p. The range on this bad boy is well above average--1.2 miles, compared to the usual 0.5. Some users have even flown it up to 400 feet high!

The flight time for the Phantom 3 Pro hovers between 17 and 18 minutes, well above average. The battery is a 100-watts (compared to the industry standard 57-watts), meaning it has a faster charge time. The machine weighs 2.8 pounds and is very stable even in heavier winds, so it can handle weather conditions lighter drones cannot. The flight control app takes time to learn, but once you master it, you'll find it offers a wide range of functions you don't get with other options. (Definitely worth reading the app's User Manual!)

Users rate the gimbal on this device VERY highly. The gimbal keeps the camera very stable, taking crystal clear images and video without shake or blur. The Pilot app allows you to see what your copter sees, making it easier for you to control the takeoff, landing, and flight. Despite the tricky upgrades, the app offers a wide range of features, including Return-to-Home, Orbit, and Waypoint.

Price: At just under $1,000, this is one of the pricier models around. However, if you want high quality images and video from a copter that's built to last, you won't find a comparable model in the same price range. It's cheap enough for hobbyists to afford, yet it's a professional-grade device!

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