28 Best Christmas Gifts for Girls

28 Best Christmas Gifts for Girls


After 50 hours of research evaluating 300 products, we picked Barbie Dreamhouse as our top choice.

Christmas is exciting when you’re a kid. If you have a special little girl in your life, she’s probably kept you busy baking cookies, writing letters to Santa, and circling toys in catalogs.

Even with all the crayon-colored catalogs strewn across your kitchen table, you may still find it difficult to find the best Christmas gifts for girls.

You have to figure out whether she’s old enough to play with it and whether it’s built to last. You need reassurance that she won’t get bored with it quickly, especially if you’re spending big bucks.

Speaking of big bucks, the average parent shells out $271 per child when Christmas rolls around. We don’t know whether or not you consider yourself average (or if you’re even a parent), so we’re including gifts ranging from $10 to $200+ on our list of the best Christmas gifts for girls. We’re confident you’ll find something that’s a perfect fit for her - and your bank account.


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