Best Choice Products Fiber Optic Tree

Best Christmas Tree for a Family

Why people love it
  • Numerous lighting options
  • Quick assembly
  • Looks great on its own or with ornaments

Some owners complain that the tree is too bright, but they might not know the tree has three different light settings. You can switch to “medium” or “low” if the original setting hurts your eyes.


Appearance: If you want an attention-grabbing tree that keeps your kiddos entertained long after they get sick of watching Christmas movies, this tree has you covered. The multicolor lights flash and twinkle in 8 different sequences, creating a festive light show in your living room. Staggered branches mimic the full profiles of pricier trees.

Ease of Use: This two-piece tree lets you have a holly, jolly Christmas in just 15 to 30 minutes. A resilient stand holds the fiberoptic fixture in place as you and your loved ones enjoy the dancing lights.

Sturdiness: This tree only weighs 14.33 lbs, which is great when you’re lugging it to the attic after Christmas - but bad if you plan to decorate with heavy glass or ceramic ornaments. Just don’t pile the PVC branches with too many ornaments, and everything should be fine.

Price: This is the third cheapest tree on our list of best artificial Christmas trees, and it’s a great bargain. It’s only $80, and we’d willingly pay twice as much for this awesome tree.

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