Gaiam Chai Yoga Mat For Men

Best Low-Priced Yoga Mat For Men

Why people love it
  • Reasonably priced
  • Very comfortable and cushioned
  • Excellent traction on the floor; doesn't shift in flowing/active practice

Gets slippery when wet



For those who need a bit of extra cushioning, this cheap 5mm-thick product is a good choice. It's soft enough that your joints don't hurt after practice, but dense enough to help you keep your balance through the tough stability poses. It's an average-sized option that's surprisingly lightweight, yet is durable enough to bear up under regular use. Anyone looking for a "beginner" choice should consider this one.


The Gaiam Chai is solid and comfortable, and it offers excellent stickiness and dry traction. Those who sweat a lot may find it gets slippery when wet, but placing a towel down will solve the problem. It will provide excellent grip on the floor, and won't shift as you transition through your poses.


This piece of equipment hits the sweet spot between "good" and "cheap". At $27, it's a durable choice that is great for beginners and regular practitioners.

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