Batiste Dry Shampoo For Women

Best Cheap Waterless Shampoo For Women

Why people love it
  • Great Batiste fragrance choices

  • Adds volume

  • Cleans thoroughly

Inexpensive and effective at absorbing oil.

The force of the Batiste spray and scent can be strong and overpowering. Those with darker hair should use the Batiste Hint of Color.


Batiste dry shampoo is a fan-fave and is top-rated on almost every beauty site out there. Don't let the nineties can fool you, this stuff works wonders at banishing oil and boosting body. Reviewers rave about how well this Batiste product works at absorbing oil and we love how affordable it is. However, we recommend those with darker hair to use the Batiste Hint of Color, since the original Batiste can occasionally leave a noticable residue. The Batiste Hint of Color products are color tinted, so they blend seamlessly, whatever your hair color, and work just as good as the original. Hint of Color comes in blonde, brown, or dark brown. 

Oil Absorption

The secret to Batiste Dry Shampoos is an innovative starch based “no water needed” formulation. Adapting to your hair's needs, it targets excess oil and grease, helping to eliminate it at the roots. Just spray, massage in and style.
We can verifty the success of this secret formulation -this dry shampoo is incredibly effective at absorbing oil and grease. Although there is an obvious white powder when sprayed, it becomes invisible once brushed out. 


One thing we loved most about this Batiste waterless shampoo is how much volume it gives the hair when sprayed. As soon as you spray it on and rub it in, your hair will instantly be refreshed and full of bounce (even if your hair is looking dull, and lifeless). For extra texture and body, don't brush it out.  


We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that Batiste comes in seven different scents. The cherry scent was our favorite, it's for anyone that loves their hair to smell sweet, smooth and full of luscious fruity flavor. If sweetness isn't your thing some of the other scent options include original, clean and classic, blush, floral, tropical, and wild. 


For the effectiveness of this oil absorber, you can't beat the price. Batiste waterless for women is one of the cheapest on the market and you can find it at most drug stores. 

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