6 Best Cat Toys

6 Best Cat Toys

Mischievious, cuddly, sleepy, and fierce; cat lovers know all too well how these furry little companions can seem a little bipolar. Acting aggressive one minute and snuggly the next, knocking things off counters, and attacking ankles; cats can be experts at absolutely driving their owners nuts! If your cat has a lot of bad habits it doesn't mean he or she is a bad kitty, it may actually be that your cat is just bored!

This is crazy!

Cats may require on average fifteen hours or more of sleep, but despite perfecting the art of catching ZZZs cats are designed to catch prey. Pound for pound they are actually better hunters than tigers! And if all of this power and agility isn't being used during daily playtime, a host of behavioral problems can crop up! 

You might be wondering:

How do I help my cat with their boredom and behavioral problems? The answer: Cat toys and lots of playtime! 

It is amazing how many problems with cats magically go away when they get enough stimulation and exercise. Playtime is such an important part of a healthy cat's life, and having the right toys will make all the difference between a happy cat and a cat that would rather bite your ankles. 

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We spent hours researching cat toys, reading countless reviews, reviewing features and specs, and talking to cat lovers just like you who want the best for their felines. Without a doubt our list includes the perfect toys for any cat.

Our top pick is Da Bird wand toy! It's affordable, strong, and gets rave reviews across the board. Just check out what Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat has to say about her new favorite cat toy. Not only is it fun for cats of all energy levels, but you will have a blast as well. But if you want to browse or even get a variety of toys for your kitty cat, we have so many great options on our list that are undoubtedly a purrr-fect fit! (See what we did there?)