6 Best Breast Pumps

6 Best Breast Pumps

Many mothers find it necessary to return to work sooner than they would like. Whether you need to work or not, you're likely to feel an overwhelming desire to give your baby the best. And, when it's medically and physically possible, that usually means breastfeeding. 

Breast milk contains just about everything your baby needs. It's also been linked to higher IQs, fewer ear infections, and a reduced likelihood of developing asthmatic conditions.

According to the World Health Organization, breast milk is the best source of nourishment for your child.

So, if you need to get back to work, you want to get a breast pump.

Even if you don't need to go back to work and you just need a little more flexibility with feeding schedules - you're going to pump breastmilk because happy moms make happy babies, and breast milk is healthier than formula. 

What are you looking for?

There are hundreds of electronic breast pumps on the market and they all claim to be the best breast pump. So we spent hours researching for you.

While each one of these factors is important, it's up to you to decide which one you prefer. Go ahead, check out our list!

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