9 Best Bras You'll Fall in Love With

9 Best Bras You'll Fall in Love With


After 32 hours of research evaluating 200 products, we picked Natori Element Full Fit Contour Underwire Bra as our top choice.

Here’s a interesting fact: women will spend, on average, $4,000 on bras in their lifetime. 

For those of you who are wary about shelling out all that money or simply want to start making smart bra investments, let’s talk about finding the best bra for your needs.

Here’s the deal:

Finding the best bra will give you the support and lift you’ve always dreamed of.

There are others that help improve the mood during sexy time. You also have sports bras as well as those designed to fit your changing figure while you're pregnant or nursing.

And of course, you will want the most comfortable bra you can find, for everyday use. Choosing the best bra brands is key.

We’ve compiled the very best bras for every breast size—no pain or discomfort found here! 

We got you covered, girl. 

So, whether you’re looking for something to pair with that cute new underwear you just bought or you’re tired of fidgeting around with your old or ill-fitting bra all day, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve included picks for the most comfortable bras, the sexiest bras, and the bras that are just right for your bra size.

Why trust us: Faveable has spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing products to come up with carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013.