6 Best Body Wash Products for Women

6 Best Body Wash Products for Women

After 32 hours of research evaluating 107 products, we picked Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap as our top choice.

Maybe you’ve never given your body wash much thought before. (You probably also grab any conditioner, shampoo, and lotion and call it a day, if that’s the case.)

If you’re not unhappy with your body wash, concerned about the ingredients, or experiencing any reactions – you may as well stick to what works.

Because… all soaps and body washes are designed to remove dirt and bacteria, right? Well, not quite. And finding the best body wash for women, or more specifically, for you, will change your feelings.

For example, if you’ve noticed bacne developing or your skin is really dry, it could just be your body wash. In that case, you may just need a moisturizing body wash (that doesn’t strip your skin of all the oils it needs) or perhaps one that goes a little further to break down the oils.

As the folks at Everyday Health demonstrate, there’s more to choosing the best body wash for women. Indeed, you might just want to get some advice from them as you shop.

Then again, if anything works for you, you may just want to check out the best smelling or affordable body washes here. We’ve got the best of the best.