Bluetooth doesn't usually mean wire-free. Well not yet, but these babies are close.

  • Lightweight and flexible design is water resistant and rests comfortably on your neck
  • Control up to two devices simultaneously and wirelessly with built-in controls
  • Grab an awesome combination of looks and audio quality that just might pass for jewelry

What Reviewers Say:

A lot of people love these headphones. Here's what they have to say:

  • I've had to wait a week or so to review these earbuds because I wanted to make sure this was really true love and not just something cheap and fleeting. It turns out I really am in love with these earbuds though. It's not a blind love; I can still recognize the flaws and shortcomings, but it's love nevertheless.
  • As far as the Shadows go, I love their look and fit. They have an awesome aesthetic quality that makes them very appealing, and they accomplish this by streamlining everything. This is one of the reasons that functionality becomes an issue for some, which the video illustrates and which I, again, do not have an issue with. The Shadow is flexible to the point of almost doubling over on itself, and the way the headphones/ earbuds wear suits the user. This was something I was unsure on at first, but I quickly found myself agreeing with.
  • of the several bluetooth headsets i've tried. these IMHO have the most bang for the buck. I can't imagine any higher priced ones sounding better than these.
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