7 Best Bike Helmets

7 Best Bike Helmets


After 20 hours of research evaluating 120 products, we picked Schwinn Thrasher Helmet as our top choice.

You should never go cycling without a helmet.

Helmets aren't just another biking gadget worn for show—they're incredibly important for your protection. One study found that the best bike helmets can reduce your risk of biking accidents by as much as 70%, and your risk of fatal head injuries by 65%.

Wear that helmet!

Finding the right bike helmet is all about finding a comfortable fit, good protection, durability, and an aerodynamic design. Below, we've done the research to bring you a list of the best bike helmets on the market. After testing a few ourselves (with UN-broken necks as proof) and reading through thousands of reviews on hundreds of products, we've narrowed down the list of best bike helmet choices for you.

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