7 Best Bike Helmets

7 Best Bike Helmets


After 20 hours of research evaluating 120 products, we picked Schwinn Thrasher Helmet as our top choice.

You should never go cycling without a helmet.

Helmets aren't just another biking gadget worn for show—they're incredibly important for your protection. One study found that the best bike helmets can reduce your risk of biking accidents by as much as 70%, and your risk of fatal head injuries by 65%.

Wear that helmet!

Finding the right bike helmet is all about finding a comfortable fit, good protection, durability, and an aerodynamic design. Below, we've done the research to bring you a list of the best bike helmets on the market. After testing a few ourselves (with UN-broken necks as proof) and reading through thousands of reviews on hundreds of products, we've narrowed down the list of best bike helmet choices for you.

7 Best Bike Helmets

  • 7. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet
  • 6. Bell Sanction BMX Helmet
  • 5. Giro Revel Helmet
  • 4. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet
  • 3. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet
  • 2. TeamObsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet
  • 1. Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

Best Lightweight Bike Helmet


JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

Best Lightweight Bike Helmet: JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet
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60 Bought
76 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Great quality, very resistant to impact and collisions
  • Sized for adults primarily, may fit some teens as well
  • Good ventilation and comfort

Weighs less than your average helmet, great price tag, adjustable, sleek design, easy-use dial adjust system, padded chin, durable, and breathable.

Side attachments move too easily, slipping the straps out of proper alignment.

Design: Looking for something that can keep your head safe while cycling to and from work or around town? This helmet weighs very little yet offers a durable, aerodynamic design that will be comfortable for casual and weekend cyclists.

The sizing is standard, though it's better-suited for adult heads than teenagers. For guys with big heads, you'll love the easy-use dial system that makes it easy to adjust the head strap according to your skull size and shape.

Construction: The helmet is made from durable PVC and polycarbonate, with EPS foam that offers superior impact protection for your head. The helmet is surprisingly tough despite its light weight. The inner padding is breathable to keep your head cool and dry on your cycling workouts or trips.

Price:  This is the cheapest helmet on our list, but it's still a great choice if you want quality and durability. Hardcore cyclists may want to look at the other options, but casual and weekend cyclists will find this is an excellent option to consider.

Best BMX Bike Helmet


Bell Sanction BMX Helmet

Best BMX Bike Helmet: Bell Sanction BMX Helmet
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74 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The ideal helmet to use for BMX, Super-D, and all-mountain biking
  • Good weight and durability, high quality materials
  • Built to last for years of extreme sports use

Full head protection, lightweight, sturdy design, impact-resistant fiberglass shell, adjustable full-face visor, great price tag, great ventilation, good weight, aggressive motorcycle-style design, and great for tricks and extreme sports use.

Sizes run small—better built for junior and smaller riders.

Design: This helmet is designed to be used for fast-paced, high-impact, downhill racing and extreme sports, so it features full coverage that will cushion your head and neck in case of spills or falls. The helmet weighs more than your basic bike helmet but less than a heavy motorcycle helmet. If you're taking your BMX or trick bike down dangerous slopes, this is the headgear you want.

The full-face visor will reduce injuries in case of face-planting or wiping out at top speed. The ventilation will keep you cool even in hot weather. Though the sizes tend to run small, it's a great choice for the average BMX biker.

Construction: The full-head protective shell is made from hand laminated fiberglass, a material that is very resistant to impact and collision. You'll find the exterior of the helmet is much tougher than your basic bike helmet, offering maximum protection for your head. Add in the thick padding around your head and support for your neck, and you've got your top-rated choice for extreme biking.

The helmet is both CE EN1078 and CPSC Bicycle certified, so it can be used for racing or trick courses.

Price: Expect to pay a bit more than you would for a basic bike helmet, but it's worth it for maximum protection on BMX or downhill/mountain race courses.

Best Bike Helmet for Weekend Warriors


Giro Revel Helmet

Best Bike Helmet for Weekend Warriors: Giro Revel Helmet
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76 Bought
83 % Editor Score
85 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The most customizable fit on the market
  • Great range of color, pattern, and size options
  • Durable and impact-resistant, good quality materials

Easily adjustable fit, 1-year warranty, reflective features for night riders, occipital stabilizer, ratchet-style dial system, side straps can be repositioned, excellent impact testing rating, good weight, and built-in visor.

Sizes run small so not suitable for very large heads.

Design: This helmet is designed for maximum comfort, with a one-size-fits-most (all but big-headed guys) design that will sit nicely on your head. The ratchet-style dial system makes it easy to adjust the fit of the helmet in seconds. Not only can you adjust the head strap overall, but you can fiddle with the side straps to reposition them according to the shape of your skull and the placement of your ears.

The helmet comes with 22 vents to allow great air flow to your skull, keeping you dry even after hours of cycling in hot weather. The built-in visor can be a bit flimsy but it offers good protection from the sun. You'll find this is the easiest helmet to fit to your skull shape and size.

Construction: The helmet is built using EPS (polystyrene) foam for the interior, with in-mold polycarbonate for the outer shell. This combination is highly durable and offers great protection for your head as you cycle. However, it's surprisingly lightweight, so you'll never have to worry about straining your neck.

Price: $40 isn't too high a price tag to pay for this great quality helmet. Expect durability and maximum comfort at a wonderfully affordable cost.

Best Bicycle Helmet for Casual Cyclists


Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Best Bicycle Helmet for Casual Cyclists: Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet
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78 Bought
84 % Editor Score
88 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Nice design, sturdy construction
  • Great breathability, especially during hot summers
  • Solid protection from accidents or collisions

Slim profile, great performance, versatile fit, durable materials, sleek design, good ventilation, not too heavy, great for hot weather use, and good range of color choices.

Unwieldy strap yoke and high price.

Design: For those who want a sleek helmet, give this one a try. It's surprisingly slim and aerodynamic, with a rounded shape that will sit nicely on any head. Though the strap yoke system is uncomfortable (most user complaints mention the straps), the helmet itself is comfortable enough that you can wear it for hours of cycling.

The 25 vents offer great breathability, and you'll love how it keeps your head cool in hot summers. However, it may be too cool for winter use. The Roc Loc 5 Fit System will make the helmet size and shape perfect for adults and teens, with an adjustable design that will fit everyone nicely.

Construction: Durability and quality are the two hallmarks of this helmet. Made with tough polycarbonate, the helmet is nicely lightweight but offers excellent protection in case of accidents or collisions. The in-mold construction keeps your head and neck protected from hard impacts, and you'll love how solid the materials feel.

The shape is a bit rounder than you'd expect, but it's definitely a great choice if you plan to do some weekend cycling or biking around town.

Price: Prepare to pay a higher price tag than you'd expect from a helmet like this. Given its quality and durability, however, it's a price worth paying if you want serious protection for your head.

Most Versatile Bike Helmet


Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Most Versatile Bike Helmet: Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet
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72 Bought
89 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A stylish helmet you can use for any action sport
  • Comfortable, great ventilation, and very durable
  • Compatible with snow sports and extreme sports gear

Stylish, great for all sports, all-weather use, customizable padding, Dual Regulator ventilation system, keeps your head dry, weighs just 19 ounces, compatible with Skullcandy audio system, and comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Heavier and bulkier than the average bike helmet.

Design: For those who want a helmet that can keep up with all sports—not just cycling, but snow sports, BMX biking, and skateboarding—this is your top pick. Not only is it an incredibly durable helmet, but it's designed to be compatible with all your sports gear. It comes with a removable goggle lock (for snowboarding/skiing) and Skullcandy audio system (for racing). Plus, with its bombshell design, it's a beautiful helmet for any sport.

The helmet has 14 vents and Dual Regulator ventilation to control both the front and rear of the helmet. Thanks to its AirFlow climate control and AirEvac ventilation systems, you'll keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Construction: The helmet is built in the classic bombshell design, using an injection-molded ABS shell to protect your head. The shell is also resistant to scratches and damage, so your helmet will look great for years of hardcore use.

The helmet comes with thick padding to protect your head and neck. Though the padding makes it bulkier and heavier (19 ounces) than your average bike helmet, it maximizes impact absorption and reduces injury risk. You can even integrate the Skullcandy audio system to play music in your helmet while enjoying the great outdoors.

Price: You'll pay a bit more than average for this helmet, but you'll love that it can keep up with any sport, or extreme sport, you may be into. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your helmet is never defective and always protective.

Most Comfortable Bike Helmet


TeamObsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

Most Comfortable Bike Helmet: TeamObsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet
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90 Bought
93 % Editor Score
94 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Comfortable and beautifully lightweight
  • Adjustable fit, great ventilation
  • Suitable for all ages, built to offer maximum head and neck protection

Good quality, durable materials, elegant and aerodynamic design, removable visor, CPSC Safety Certified, lightweight, great ventilation, suitable for teens and adults, shock absorption technology integrated into helmet, good padding, and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Visor may obstruct vision and pricier than average helmets.

Design: If you're looking for quality and elegance, this is an amazing option. The helmet has the sleek aerodynamic design you want, complete with a visor to streamline your head while protecting your eyes from the sun. Thanks to its lifetime manufacturer warranty and perfect fit guarantee, you know you're getting a helmet worth its salt.

The helmet has 22 air vents to ensure good air flow to your head, keeping you cool as you cycle. The moisture-wicking pads can be removed and washed, and the chin straps are easily adjusted and come with thick cushioning to prevent irritation on your skin.

Construction: Built using Team Obsidian's In-Mould Technique, this helmet is made of lightweight materials that are very durable. The American-made EPS (polystyrene) shell is molded to the outer plastic shell, offering superior protection and excellent shock absorption on impact. In terms of durability and quality, you'll be hard-pressed to find better than this helmet.

Despite its quality materials, it's fairly lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Not only will the padded straps and head reduce irritation/rubbing, but you'll love how light the helmet is on your head. Though you may need to remove the visor to see properly in a crouched position, it's a great choice for professional and casual cyclists alike.

Price: This is one of the pricier helmets on the market, and the priciest one on our list. You're paying for great quality and a user-specific fit, so it's definitely worth considering.

Best Bike Helmet Overall


Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

Best Bike Helmet Overall: Schwinn Thrasher Helmet
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118 Bought
98 % Editor Score
97 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The perfect balance of good price and decent quality
  • Comfortable, well-ventilated, and easy to wear
  • Easily adjusted to your head size thanks to dial fit system

Great price tag, good quality, incredibly safe, looks good, great ventilation, comfortable, available online and in retailers, lightweight, easy to adjust fit, removable visor, moisture-wicking pads integrated, and fits both teenagers and adults.

Not made of the most durable materials.

Design: This bike helmet is designed to be aerodynamic, with a sleek curving shape that will reduce wind resistance as you ride. It also includes 21 ventilation/flow vents to ensure plenty of air flow to your head. The moisture-wicking pads integrated into the helmet's interior will keep your head dry and cool as you cycle.

The webbing and dial fit system are the real selling point of this helmet. Not only is the webbing comfortable on your cheeks and chin, but it's easy to adjust thanks to the dial. You simply turn the dial to tighten or loosen the helmet on your head and around your chin. The visor offers shade for those sunny days, but you can remove it for cloudy days as well.

Construction: If you're a hardcore cyclist, this may not be your top pick. The materials are lightweight and not the most durable on the market. It's not going to last quite as long as carbon fiber. That being said, casual cyclists and weekend road warriors will love the comfort, sleek design, and light weight of this helmet. It's more than strong enough to protect your head in case of a collision riding around town, mountain trails, or local cycling parks.

The helmet is designed to fit anyone from 14 to adult, and the dial fit system allows you to adjust the tightness of the head strap.

Price: This is one of the best-priced helmets on our list, but it doesn't sacrifice quality for low costs. While not the sort of helmet you'd see on a professional cyclist, it's a great helmet for anyone who wants to be safe while commuting to work, riding around town, or enjoying a weekend biking trip.

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