5 Best Bidet Toilet Seats

5 Best Bidet Toilet Seats

You love your modern home, don't you? It doesn't matter whether you're living in a retro home or even a classic colonial, you still want to have all the gadgets that make life easier, right?

That means smart thermostats and lights. And oh yes, it now means finding the best smart toilet seat around. A bidet toilet seat that does the work for you.

Let me explain:

A bidet toilet seat, also known as a washlet, isn't a new idea. They've been around since the 60s and used in Japan even longer.

But, because they're still unusual in the US, they still seem high-tech. Better still, they promote good hygiene, shooting a stream of water right in the parts that need it. If you have a disability or know someone who does, these washlets can be a relief.

There are many AMAZING high-tech toilet seats on the market, but we've done our research to find  the best for you. We combed through dozens of products, read thousands of product reviews, compared features and specs, and made a list of the pros and cons of each.

Here is our list of the best smart toilet seats for you:

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