5 Best Baby Thermometers

5 Best Baby Thermometers

Having a sick baby is no fun at all. And, the minute a cough is accompanied by a fever, you’re likely to move swiftly from concern into panic. But first you need to diagnose that fever with a baby thermometer.

Choosing a Thermometer

There are a few things you need to know before starting the search for the best baby thermometer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics only recommends the use of rectal thermometers for children under 3 months. The primary reason is that rectal thermometers provide the most accurate readings and any fever in infants younger than three months is a matter for your pediatrician.

There is some evidence to support a move towards temporal thermometers (such as our top Fave). But, in the first few months, stick to the rectal version.

If you need help using a thermometer – after choosing one from our list formed after extensive research and the responses of real users – this guide from the American Academy of Pediatrics is wonderfully helpful.

And now, on to our list of the best baby thermometers. 

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